Sunday, November 5, 2017

10 Reasons Why Christmas Starts on Nov. 1st

1. it snows and makes everything beautiful and is just screaming at you to listen to Christmas music.

2. your mom and grandma start asking for your christmas list.

3. commercials on tv start having red and green and jingle bells.

4. peppermint mochas are too yummy to wait fort till after Thanksgiving.

5. not everywhere in the world has Thanksgiving in Nov. so therefore if Christmas can start other places on Nov. 1st, than it can in the U.S. too.

6. Christmas music makes people happy and why shouldn't people be happy during Nov?

7. it's cold out, baby, it's cold outside.

8. starbucks' christmas cups come out so obviously a huge corporation agrees with me.

9. more time to eat christmas candy.

10. because gosh darn it i love Christmas and should be able to celebrate it however long i want. stop judging me!!

(tell me why YOU think christmas starts on Nov. 1st)


Saturday, October 7, 2017

when life gets too busy...

when life gets too busy, take 20 read your bible, say a prayer, pet your dog, rest your head, stare aimlessly outside your window.

when life gets too busy, go visit your grandma...drink lots of tea, give her hugs, and laugh at old family memories when you went to the beach and aunt susan got pooped on.

when life gets too busy, go to a bookstore...or two, or five. browse, smell, read, buy.

when life gets too busy, treat yourself to pie...that good pie from your favorite bakery. eat and share with a friend while watching your favorite tv show.

when life gets too busy, go outside...walk along the water and breath in the fresh air, because your alive and it's there to wake you up. sit and observe while drinking coffee.

when life gets too busy, slow down and cook...make something you've always wanted to try and promise to yourself it's okay to take your time and make mistakes.

when life gets too busy, grab a friend...go outside when its pitch black and pouring rain and dance your hardest. sing at the top of your lungs. teach her how to swing and ask her to show you how to waltz.

when life gets too busy, hop in the car...and go watch the sunset, or sunrise. explore a new place and sing along to the radio, not caring if the other drivers are judging you.

when life gets too busy, sleep in an extra hour...enjoy the refreshment of rest.

when life gets too busy, stay home on the rain pour outside from your window and hold a cup of warm tea in your hands. catch up on your favorite bloggers and read for pure enjoyment.

when life gets too busy, rest...take time for yourself to reflect and recharge, and join back in when you're ready. because the world is waiting for you, it'll be there when you come back.

when life gets too busy, what do you do? as school starts up again and we head into the holiday season, don't forget to take some time to rest in the Lord, read a book, and drink some tea. don't let the hustle and bustle get to you. remember it's okay to take time to stop and reflect. 

have a wonderful weekend,


Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Summer of 2017

-my brother got married!! and all my siblings got to be in the wedding party. it was such a beautiful day, plus, aren't my boys just adorable?
-the zoo happened. i brought me nanny kiddos and we explored and laughed and complained and pointed and smiled.
-i explored state parks in washington. and took dramatic photos and later got burgers from a drive-in.
-lots of sunsets and car rides. and country music and a very happy liz.
-i finished my first year of college. with a good gpa and a new friend. whoop whoop.

-4th of july happened. which meant fireworks, campfires, bike riding, bbq's, polaroids, and flag-themed attire. 
-i went camping. without my family and with a good friend. we may have almost burnt the campsite down while making popcorn. but other than that, we rocked. 
-evening swimming. then following an evening on the dock with deep conversations and soft sunsets.
-explorin my second home. aka the north cascades, where there are lot of mountains, and trees, and lakes, and beauty.
-i bought birkenstocks. wow where have these been during the rest of my life? (probably $99 away).
-hiking with the chloe. who is the bomb (and who tried to kill me by forcing me to hike up hills). 
-relaxing afternoons spent hammocking. while reading and journaling and resting in the one who gave me breath..
-ice cream was consumed a lot. because what's a summer without ice cream?
-i started summer classes. the ugly of the summer (the bad was working, the rest was the good). 

-my super awesome bestie came to visit me. we spent a lot of time eating candy, reading books, and exploring new coffee shops.
-lots of homework happened. because summer classes were not my friend and kind of took away my august.
-we had a puppy visit! and they were so cute oh my gosh.
-i explored artist point again. it's so pretty up there by mt. baker and i was honestly in such a happy place, i didn't want to leave.
-Murphy and I had some quality time picking berries. i picked, he ate.
-chloe and i explored seattle. there were lots of pretty flowers, crowded streets, and tall buildings that made me feel small but happy. 

-chloe left for ywam in amsterdam. if you don't know exactly who this chloe is, she's my best friend and i miss her so much but i'm also so happy for her and excited. ah. 
-i became a bangs ambassador! (white shoes pictured above). honestly these are the comfiest shoes ever and the company is amazing, go check em out (and comment if you're interested in becoming a bangs buddy and receiving a rad discount, i'd love to hook you up). 
-i reintroduced myself to portland. and i still like it just as much as last time, especially since there were flowers involved. 
-i went to in n out. which is hundreds of miles away from my house so this was surreal.
-yosemite was just as beautiful as i imagined. and going back and staying multiple days (or weeks) is on my bucket list.
-there were tons of big trees at the redwoods. i hugged a few and found my inner tree.
-i got sandy. because the oregon coast and salty waves get alone quite well with me.
-i watched lots of sunsets and took too many photos of them. but who can have too many sunset photos in their life? 

what kind of adventures did you go on this summer? leave me a comment down below and let's chat about the amazing, beautiful summer God gave us this year. (also yes this is so late but i needed to post this anyways because of memories) :) <3 

have a wonderful day,


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