Thursday, October 9, 2014

Magical Tights

Dress//Macy's. Top//Burlington Coat Factory. Cardigan//Target. Tights//Target. Shoes//Payless. Necklace//Forever21


It's been a little while since I've last updated this blog, and it's mainly because I really haven't had much to talk about. Life has been pretty uninteresting lately. Eat, homework, sleep, repeat. That's all I have had time for, but I'm glad to be back with an outfit post for you all.

I wore this today for my private school classes I take once a week. I've been feeling sick and very tired the last few days due to my cold, so I thought if I'm not feeling well, I might as well try to look good to convince myself, and others, that I'm fine. It worked, at least for me. I've been looking forward to wearing these tights all summer, so now that I had finally gotten the chance, it was bound to give me higher spirits. Hopefully I'll be feeling peachy again soon, though, and won't need my special tights to get me through the day.

With Love, 



  1. Hello Elizabeth! You are gorgeous and your outfit looks so cute. I love your blog and I will be checking it out again! Your photos look super nice too. If you don't mind, check out my blog and let me know what you think. I'm new here. Have a great day!

    xx, Erika

    1. Thank you very much! :) I will for sure check out your blog.

  2. I'm loving this whole outfit, especially the tights of course ;) Cute colour. You're really pretty!!

    The Life of Little Me

  3. Great outfit! The tights really look nice. :D


  4. Great look and blog! Would you like to follow each , other on Bloglovin and Instagram?

    1. Thank you so much! :) and I will definitely follow you!

  5. I like how your tights match the bits of red in your shirt- Very cute! :) You're so pretty!

  6. These statement tights look awesome!! You are cute :)
    Would you like to follow each other?
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