Sunday, July 30, 2017

Camping in the Cascades // SBL 2k17

Hello friends,

This week I was able to pack up, grab a friend, and relax (as much as you can in 90 degree heat) in the beautiful outdoors. My friend Demetria and I are both working and taking summer classes, but we decided we both needed a little break from it all. For three days, we did minimal school work, hiked, attempted to take instagram-worthy pictures, read, and smelt like smoke and sweat. It was a wonderful trip. 

We reserved a little camping site in Newhalem, a small company town located right before you start the drive up the North Cascades National Park Pass. It's absolutely beautiful up there, definitely an underrated national park. If you ever get the chance to go, take it! We stopped at a few viewpoints and took a hike (more on that in a future post), but there were also quite a few smaller hikes down by our campsite that we explored. A couple years ago, there was a big forest fire, so a ton of the forest was burnt down, but there were wild flowers everywhere and a beautiful creek with huge boulders. In the 95 degree weather, Demi and I welcomed the freezing cold water.                                                                                       

On one of our little hikes, we found a big stump and couldn't help but take a few pictures. Maybe yoga and ballet aren't are specialities, but being photogenic definitely is. ;) 

Of course, we had to stop for ice cream on our way back home. We visited this adorable little ice-cream stand that sold organic raspberry chocolate chip ice cream, and let me tell you, it was pretty darn yummy. They had a little garden of wild flowers out back too and Demi and I couldn't resist, so we snapped a few photos of our ice cream. Sure, some of it melted in the process, but that's the price we had to pay.

What kind of summer adventures have you been on yet? I feel like camping is a must during this time of year. Anything crossed off you bucket list? Don't forget to check on mine, because I'm getting through my list and it's exciting ;) 

Have a wonderful day,


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hiking Fragrance Lake // SBL 2k17

Hey there friends,

If you've read my summer bucket list post (which you obvisouly should go do if you haven't), then you'd know my number 1 thing was to hike Fragrance Lake. A couple day ago, my dear friend Chloe and I did just that. After a six mile roundtrip hike full of switchbacks, sweat, and satisfying views, I had completed my first activity on my to do list, and then ate a well deserved burger. Of course, did you really go on a hike if you didn't take photos? Chloe and I say no, so here are a few of my favorites.

After 1000 feet in elevation in a little over 2.5 miles, we made it to the top where there laid a beautiful lake. It was just another mile of a relatively flat path around the lake, which of course had many trails down to the water where we waded and got attacked by the mosquitos. Note to self: bring bug spray next time. As always, Chloe and I were ill prepared, and we didn't bring swimsuits either, but we watched a few people swim and some dogs enjoy the water. But boy let me tell you, how I would have loved to jump in that water and cool down. 1000 feet really killed me.

Lucky for us, the trails were mostly shaded by the tall trees. There's something so unbelievably peaceful about walking in the woods and listening to the sounds of nature. Something so simple always reminds me of just how non-simple and completely breathtaking our Lord is. I think we often forget just how beautiful this world is, and who made it that way. I can't stress enough how important it is to leave your home and explore the world, appreciating the beauty our amazing Lord created that surrounds us. 

For an extra .2 miles, there was an opportunity to walk over to a lookout before continuing to the lake. Obviously I wasn't going to turn down a beautiful view for .2 miles, so Chloe and I both enjoyed the breathtaking site of the water and taking pictures near the edge. I just adore how in Washington, you can be hiking in the woods, exploring hidden lakes, while also seeing beautiful views of the water and mountains. Maybe I'm biased, but I sure do think Washington has it all ;) If you ever need a passionate tour guide, hit me up!

What summer adventures have you been on lately? Where do you find God's peace and appreciate his beauty? Don't forget to use this summer to explore new places, laugh a lot, and catch up with friends, okay? It's already a month into summer, so don't let it go to waste.

Have a beautiful, wonderful rest of your day,


Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Summer Bucket List

Hello there,

Here we are, almost a month into summer, and I'm just now thinking about my summer bucket list. Sad, right? But despite the constant demand of school and work, I still have some fun plans for this summer and I'm excited! A lot of things are changing next year and some of my good friends are leaving on their own life adventures, so I want to make this summer special and memorable. Below are 30 different things I aspire to finish this summer. If you're curious on my progress, continue to check back! I'll be crossing off each item every time I finish it, and I'll link a blog post or instagram photo that documents the event.

i. hike fragrance lake. i discovered this lake online last year, and ever since i've been super curious. it looks a bit difficult, but it has a really cool viewpoint and then a lake you can walk around and swim in.

ii. jump off the boardwalk. there's an adorable small town near my house that has a board walk people enjoy jumping off of. i've always wanted to try it, so maybe this summer i will.

iii. explore seattle like a tourist. even though i live less than two hours away from seattle, i've never truly discovered it. this summer i'll be grabbing a couple friends and exploring it like a true tourist.

iv. go sunrise hiking. mornings are not my favorite, but sunrises and breakfast dates with a good friend make it worth the early wake up.

v. roadtrip to vancouver. another major city not too far away from me that i haven't explored.

vi. buy a homeless person a meal. there's not a lot of homeless people in my city, but there are a few. hopefully this summer i can find an opportunity to share kindness, warm food, and the love of Jesus.

vii. finish book. i've secretly been writing a book but it's very short and undeveloped. may or may not be about a girl and a boy and may or may not be in verse.

viii. play messy twister. this just looks really fun and full of laughs.

ix. go to a drive-in movie. still haven't experienced this classic summer activity, so maybe this year will be the year.

x. use a polaroid. i won a polaroid last summer and have only used it once. this summer i'd like to use it more and update my bulletin board.

xi. pay for the person behind me in the drive thru. this has happened to me once and i would like to return to favor. 100 percent made my day.

xii. go camping. i love camping, but like fire and tent camping. in the wilderness, with marshmallows, the sounds of nature, and friends that are more like sisters.

xiii. take a road trip once school is out. i'm taking summer courses onlinc, so life right now doesn't permit for road trips. once finals are over though, i'm hopping in that car.

xiv. try paddle boarding. this just looks like such a blast, but honestly i'll probably fall 100x.

xv. go sunset kayaking. on a lake, with a good friend, and deep conversations.

xvi. discover new hikes in the north cascades. i love living close to such a beautiful place and i must take more advantage of it.

xvii. try snow goose produce. a super popular ice cream place just an hour away from my house.

xviii. go to a swing dance. call me a classic homeschooler, but i've been convinced swing dancing is not half bad.

xix. try nature watercoloring. i found the perfect watercoloring book with techniques on how to paint nature. now i must put it into action.

xx. go berry picking. i love berries and i love getting a tan. a win/win situation.

xxi. pick wild flowers and make a crown. because wild flowers are absolutely gorgeous and flower crowns make for the most beautiful pictures.

xxii. buy a hammock and go hammocking. this is a trend i'm totally into now and i kind of really really want to try it out. instagram will probably see it first.

xxiii. bake wild berry muffins. there are so many wild berries around my house and i love muffins, so i think it's really just a match made in heaven.

xxiv. go tubing. it's been awhile since i've done this and i'd really like to do it again.

xxv. play kick the can. such a classic camping game.

xxvi. watch parent trap. this use to be my go-to movie, it just gives me all the summer vibes.

xxvii. have a picnic. complete with turkey sandwiches, lemonade, chips, and cupcakes. and of course i can't forget the checkered blanket.

xxviii. visit the farmer's market. believe it or not, i've actually never been to a farmer's market. i'd like to support my local farmers and businesses though, so this is a must.

xxiv. make homemade popsicles. because more fun and way healthier.

xxx. play putt putt golf. i use to hate putt putt golf as a little kid, but now i find it a lot of fun, especially if there are good friends and ice cream involved.

What about you? What are your ambitions for this summer? Leave me a comment down below and let me know. Hopefully I'll be able to complete at least half of my list, I'd be happy with that ;)

Have a wonderful rest of your day,


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hey There July

Hey friends,

It's July, and here I am, eight days in, still working on my wrap up post. Classic Lizzy, am I right? But because I delayed so long, I'm able to use a firework photo, so truly I think my procrastination benefitted us all. Speaking of fireworks, how was everyone's Independence Day? I absolutely love July 4th, and although I had to work in the morning, it was still a beautiful day full of laughter, friendship, smoke, BBQ, smiles, and peace. Always a wonderful way to start off the summer.

Currently// Laughing a lot because summer makes me happy, working and smelling like french fries 24/7, taking summer courses through my local community college because I apparently hate myself, rediscovering the joys of biking, living in a very messy room, loving my planner beyond my wildest dreams, and dreaming of many summer adventures.

Reading// The Amulet Series by Kazu Kibuishi. This is a middle grade graphic novel series and it's absolutely wonderful! I've read up to book five so far and I just love the adventure you get to follow and the beautiful artwork. 10/10 would recommend.

Enjoying// (hey it's me just wanting to say that so many of you had such amazing posts this month and if i could, i would give 20++++ shoutouts, but here are just a few of my faves). Cally's desperation binds with hope (because the emotions that wash off the words drown me in feels every time). Amanda's When God Doesn't Fix it (because sometimes God's plan is different than our own, and always is it better), Demi's Being Pulled 100 Different Directions (because Demi is the absolute sweetest and has brought such rich wisdom into my life), Hannah's Get Comfortable With Feeling Uncomfortable (because life is not about being in our own little happy bubble), Elissa's chasing pink sky (because wow we don't deserve grace, yet we've been given it), and Olivia's excerpts of life (because her writing just feels like summer and sweet laughter).

Loving// Sleeping under the stars and fireworks, smelling like smoke after the roasting of marshmallows, sweet old people who always have something nice to say, iced coffee in my hand and wind in my hair, waking up to the birds chirping, spontaneous sunset adventures with close friends, deep talks over coffee, and berry picking during warm summer evenings.

Disliking// How much summer classes are taking over my life, rude customers who just won't sit anywhere I tell them to, the lack of puppy cuddles I've been getting, working during the 4th of July, people telling me I am in fact not blonde anymore, and my family going on camping trips that I can't be a part of (seriously guys, rude).

Blogging// Hey There June, where I talk about what happened in May and the upcoming month of June; Life Right Now, where I share some pretty major things that happened in my life and give ya'll a mini update; and On Change, Being Left Behind, and Finding God's Voice, where I talk about life not always going as planned and learning how to let God truly lead me.

Hoping// To figure out this time management thing so I'm not working so hard to juggle school and work, find a good college group for bible study, spend more time with friends, get back in the groove of blogging, find a book that makes me fall in love with reading again, and actually check a few things off my summer bucket list.

How was your June? Any plans/hopes for this July? Summer is such a peaceful time of year, don't forget to take advantage of the season, enjoy some time outdoors, and laugh a lot with friends and family by your side.

Have a lovely day,


Friday, June 30, 2017

On Change, Being Left Behind, and Finding God's Voice

Hello friends,

As much as my family liked to tell me differently, I always stood firm in the idea that I was NOT a planner. Sure, I liked to know things ahead of time, and I liked to be prepared, but that didn't make me a planner, right? But the more I grow and opportunities arise and life changes, I find myself making these plans. Plans that are big, plans that are important. I felt like I needed to make these plans, because everyone else in my life was moving on, changing, coming into exciting opportunities. People in my life were leaving me behind, and I needed to figure out what my next big step was going to be.

I had plans. They were simple and sure, until one day they just didn't seem so simple.

I think life is too complex, to unpredictable to make these major plans, but I don't think making plans is necessarily bad. But when we, us humans, start making plans on our own without seeking the voice of God, without seeking His divine plan for our lives, then that's when we go wrong, and that's when things get messy.

You see, I'm a very emotion-driven person, which can make me so passionate and excited about things, but can also cause me to make very rash decisions or burn out fast. In the midst of my passion, when I think everything is just right and how it should be, I forget to seek the Lord's plan for my life. It becomes this tangle of my own desires, which seem honorable and wise, and where God is wanting to steer me, which never seems very clear. But maybe it's not suppose to be super clear all the time.

I hate when change is happening around me, and I'm just staying the same. I hate being left behind, and being left to do the same ole same ole. But what if God is calling me to stay? To wait?

What to we do when God is calling us to do something, and we don't want to do it?

I think of Jonah, when God was calling him to speak to Nineveh. Jonah, knowing they were Israel's enemy, was like no way. He disobeyed God instead of trusting Him. Jonah was given direct instruction by God, but ran from Him. In the end though, Jonah was never actually hidden from the Lord, and went on to do what God told him to do. He was so concerned about himself, instead of what God's plan held (which included saving thousands of people from destruction).

My story is different, but yet, very similar. It's easy to think you know what is best for your life, and to be afraid of what the people around you will think, but ultimately, God knows what is best and what will be is what will be. There's no place to hide.

Guys, dealing with change is rough. Being left behind is rough. But in these last couple of weeks, as I've opened my eyes to changing my plans to follow God's plan, I've realized that maybe it isn't so hard. The Lord already has provided me with a good job with steady hours. He's provided me with a new beautiful soul of a friend who speaks wisdom every day and never fails to make me smile. He has given me the opportunity to grow closer with my family and learn to love them even more. He has offered me a way to save money on college while still pursuing my dreams. He has opened up more doors for me to travel and do mission work. Guys, God is so good, is He not?

So maybe you're like me, maybe you plan and make lists, and have your entire life ready for yourself, but maybe God is calling you to do something different. Are you ready to listen to Him?

Have a great weekend,


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Life Right Now

Hello dear friends,

How are you all doing today? It's been awhile since I just wrote a post talking to you all about life, so I'm here today doing just that. Life has been extremely hectic lately. So many things have been happening in such a short amount of time. It''s been overwhelming, but exciting at the same time. I'm so pumped to see where God is taking me, my friends, and family in the next few chapters of our lives. A lot of change is happening, but I trust His hand is going through it all, even if I don't always understand His reasoning.

finally graduated// Guys, I graduated high school!! I'm so beyond excited to be done with this chapter of my life, but also extremely terrified because that means more responsibility and life decisions I'm not ready to make. But not only did I graduate high school, I was able to get my first year of college done through the program "Running Start" that Washington has. It basically allows students to take college courses for free while them still counting as high school credits as well. So I'm kind of going into my sophomore year of college next year too, along with graduating high school. Exciting stuff ya'll.

the wedding// As many of you know, my older brother Zachery went into the Air Force last November, and this June, he came back and got married. I have a married brother. My brother has a wife. It's weird, really really weird. But the wedding was absolutely beautiful! Honestly, I can't think of any other person more perfect for Zach than my new sister, Nicole, and I cannot wait to see where married life takes them (and what their babies look like). They left on Monday to Montana, as that is where Zachary is being stationed, so I already miss their cute faces, but I'll be seeing them again soon, and I know they're on their own little adventure, which is more important.

working lady// For the last two years, I've been a nanny for different families and I've absolutely loved it, but with my dreams of transferring to university and traveling to new countries, I've realized I need a more stable job that gives me solid hours. So here I am, a new, stressed out host at Red Robin. I've been working at Red Robin for over a month now while continuing to nanny, and it's actually worked out super well! Granted, it can be tough and I have to deal with some not so happy people at times, but it's worked out great with my schedule and I've learned a lot! But guys, I could totally do an entire rant post on what it's like to be a host. Honestly, it's only been a month and I already have a couple crazy stories.

next steps// With graduating and completing my first year of college at my local community college, I've been really contemplating what do to next with my life. Should I stay at home for another year and get my AA? Should I transfer to university right away? Should I take a gap year, travel, and do volunteer work? I have a lot of options right now, but I feel kind of stuck. It's hard for me to discern between my own emotions and desires, and God's ultimate plan and His words. So right now, I'm trying to be flexible and at peace: waiting to see where He takes me as I journey on through the high school-free life.

Long time no see, what's new with you? Any exciting news or upcoming decisions? Leave me a comment down below and let's talk about our lives together. 

Have a wonderful day,


Monday, June 5, 2017

Hey There June

Hello friends,

As always, I come to you with another wrap up post days later from when June actually started, but hey life is busy and who has time to be on time for everything? Certainly not me. May was a very busy month, but full of a lot of exciting news and June will be even more busy and full of wonderful events, so I'm excited to share with you all what's been happening. Hopefully in a week or two I'll be having some more in-depth posts on my life, but for now, this brief little update will have to do.

Currently// Gathering all the customer nightmare stories at my new job, graduating high school and realizing people know me really well (all my gifts were coffee related-YUM), preparing for my brother's wedding this Sunday, enjoying the sunshine Washington has been blessed with, writing like crazy for all my college classes because finals, trying to post on my Instagram more, and realizing my little brother's 16th birthday is in a week and I've got nothing for him (yet). 

Reading// The Good Rain by Timothy Egan because in my lit class we're studying creative nonfiction written about the Pacific Northwest, and honestly, it's not half bad! Also, Anne of Windy Poplars by L.M. Montgomery. There really is nothing more whimsical than being back in the lovely world of Anne. And Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson, which is a super cute summer contemporary that I'm very surprised hasn't disappointed me yet. So far so good.

Listening// To my summer playlist on Spotify, which is currently still a work in progress, but be my guest if you'd like to check it out. My little brother keeps making fun of me, saying each song is basically all the same, but I'm enjoying it so that's all that matters, right? :P He'll just have to put in his own headphones when I play it in the car.

Enjoying// Amanda's post, Enough: my battle with the hustle, the stress, and the busy, and how I found rest (because i think we can all relate and find the beauty in the busy). Julia's post, Glimpse Into Humanity // A Poem From Things I've Seen + Pretty Shadows (because wow have you read her writing because it hurts in every good way possible). Cally's post, core to my lips (because ouch it's like i'm there and feeling all the feelings). And Raquel's post, When You Don't Feel Like Loving God (because so much truth in this).

Loving// The warm weather that has finally arrived in Western Washington, the fast that school is almost done, receiving a mini french press for graduation, picking wildflowers while walking in the forest, afternoon badminton games with my lil bro, my big brother returning from the Air Force tomorrow, car rides with the windows down, Taco Bell's dollar menu, and quiet Saturday mornings reserved for reading and sipping coffee.

Disliking// Being the newbie at work and figuring out life, having a receipt thrown in my face, road work that disappears for a week then surprises you again and makes you late for everything, leaving for class when my dog is still asleep, the fact that coffee costs so much money, swimsuit shopping, and the tragedy of flies getting in your room and not being able to catch them.

Blogging// Hey There May, where I talk about what happened in April and my hopes for May; Travel Diary: Multnomah Falls and Beacon Rock, where I invite you to explore two beautiful places with me; and Five Ways to Have the Ultimate Family Night, where I share all the ingredients for having the perfect family night without spending too much money.

Hoping// To pick up all the things I need for the wedding, finish the rest of my home subjects, figure out work without too much confusion, finish my college classes with a bang, learn how to make relatively easy and healthy dorm room meals, explore the outdoors more, be kind even when it's difficult, and grow more in my relationship with the Lord.

How was your May? Any exciting changes happening or coming up? Leave me a comment down below and tell me about your life (please, I'm nosey and want to know).

Have a wonderful week,


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Five Ways to Have the Ultimate Family Night

Hello friends,

How are you all doing on this lovely Wednesday? Today I'm here to bring you the ultimate list of how to have an awesome family night without spending all your dough. Now I've been very fortune to grow up in a wonderful home with a family that supports me, and it's really important for me to spend time with them. But sometimes, it's hard to come up with something new to do. If you have that issue too, don't fear because Liz is here! I have a decent amount of experience so hopefully I can help a friend out.

1. explore the outdoors// Okay so if you don't already take advantage of this beautiful world God has created, then grab your family and start doing so! Living in the PNW, I am surrounded by beautiful scenery and easily accessible hikes, but I know a whole lot of other places are too. So find an interesting hike or park you and your family are interested in exploring, grab the camera, and go find a new favorite spot. Trust me, you'll be so glad you did.

2. have a movie night// This awesome idea is just a classic, and it never fails to be a lot of fun. Make a run to the supermarket, or just your pantry, grab you classic movie snacks, and pick out a movie the entire family will (hopefully) all enjoy. Personally, my family and I take forever to pick a perfect movie, but we normally find something for everyone. And don't forget about movie dialogue, unless your family forbids talking while watching a movie, in that case we really can't be friends.

So recently was brought to my attention and I was asked if I'd like to make my readers aware of their free trial. If you don't know about Pureflix, it's kind of like Netflix, but provides family friendly movies about love, faith, and friendship. It's an awesome resource for families, so if you'd like to check out their free trial, click here for more information. (Seriously go check it out because it's awesome).

The Prince of Egypt. An animated classic and a childhood favorite, you cannot go wrong with this awesome movie and its amazing soundtrack. But warning: the movie will leave you with "Through Heaven's Eyes" stuck in your head for days.
October Baby. Now a completely different feel from the Prince of Egypt, this movie is an emotional heart breaker. Honestly I have cried so many times while watching this movie. The story itself is so raw, but really important. Definitely recommend. 
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Another childhood classic, you can't not enjoy this beautiful tale. Fans of the book will definitely love this movie, and it's done wonderfully. The acting is amazing and the film itself is so beautiful. It's hard to believe someone hasn't seen this movie, but if you haven't, go now and do yourself a favor. 
I'm Not Ashamed. Another heavy story, it's about Rachel Joy Scott, the first student to be killed in the shooting at Columbine High School. The movie focuses on her life and events that lead up to her death, but also share the inspiring message of remembering to put our trust in God and sharing kindness to those around us.
The Secret Life of Pets. A super funny imagination of what a pet's life might be like when the owner isn't around. Totally worth the watch, even if your entire family "claims" to be too old for animated movies.

3. play backyard sports// If you have a big enough family, go outside and get some exercise. My brother's and I especially love starting a game of baseball or football in our yard. But any sport will do! The nice thing about just chilling with you family, is that it doesn't have to get too formal, you don't even have to have a super large yard, just some energy and maybe some sports equipment.

4. pull out the board games// Now this is a risky choice, because if you pick the wrong board game (cough cough, monopoly), you might be there for awhile. But there are a lot of fun board games and card games that don't take years to finish, but can still create a fun atmosphere for you and your family.

Life. This game is a lot of fun, as it's really interactive and entertaining, without taking hours to finish the game. You start off the game fresh out of high school, and through a series of events you must chose, or land on, you end the game with retirement. Basically, whoever wins with the most assets, wins. Is it the best representation of life? No, but it's still a ton of fun. 
Clue. The classic, whose done it? This is great for the competitive family, because you get to suspect each other and figure out clues. Basically, you're trying to figure out the murderer and the weapon of choice before anyone else.
Apples to Apples. Now if you have a larger family, this game is perfect for you! Bound to create lots of laughter and "friendly" debate, this will for sure entertain you for quite a bit. Plus, if you get sick of playing Apples to Apples the traditional way, the directions includes all sorts of ways to mix it up so you're really playing a game with multiple possibilities. 

5. try a new recipe// If your family is anything like mine, you probably have a cupboard dedicated to unused cookbooks just waiting for flour to be spilt on them. Plan an evening with your family to sort through those books and find a recipe you want to experiment with! Not only is it fun, but it's practical and might cause you to find a new favorite meal.

What kind of activities do you enjoy doing with your family? Did I leave anything obvious out? As always, leave me a comment down below and talk about what your ultimate family night is. I'd have to say mine is anything that means ice cream is involved, let's be real.

Have a wonderful week,


Monday, May 15, 2017

Travel Diary: Multnomah Falls and Beacon Rock

Hello friends,

On our way home from Portland (see travel diary here), my mom and I stopped at Multnomah Falls and Beacon Rock to explore and take some cool photos. We thought that after all the Thai food, hashbrowns, and doughnuts we ate that we better get a couple hikes in to balance it all out. I'm glad we made that decision, because we saw some really beautiful sights and got a couple awesome pictures. Plus Beacon Rock was a workout, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the balancing out thing really worked. ;)

Multnomah Falls is a really popular place and I've seen so many pictures of it on my instagram feed, but I haven't gotten the opportunity to see it in person until this trip. It was really beautiful! Sadly, it was kind of cold and pretty busy, but we were able to get a few good pictures, and afterwards picked up some coffee from their overpriced but amazing coffee stand. I also got one of those collection pennies, which always makes me happy. I've been collecting those pennies for years now and I never fail to buy one if I see a machine.

Beacon Rock was so beautiful! Granted, it was very steep and took the breath out of me (it was...breathtaking. hah hah hah), but the views were amazing and the trail itself was really cool. I'm kind of afraid of heights, so for portions of the trail I was sort of shaking, but for the most part it felt pretty safe and it was just really cool to observe how it had been constructed. My mom and I took a lot of breaks on the trek up, which led to a lot more pictures and another selfie. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad my mom and I took the opportunity to hike it.

What kind of trips and cool adventures have you been on lately? Are there any interesting landmarks or secret hiking trails around where you live? Impromptu adventures are often the best kind, so leave me a comment down below about yours!

Have a wonderful week,


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