Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Hello friends,

As a resident of Washington, I've seen my fair share of rainy days. Like, probably 70 percent of our days are rainy. Well okay, so I just looked it up and it's more like an average of 42 percent per year, but it feels like a lot more than that. Still, I'm well experienced and today I'm here to share with you some things to do on rainy days that are more or less productive. So sit down, grab a cup of tea, enjoy the sounds of rain falling on your roof, and get ready for some extreme wisdom.

1. create a goodreads/twitter/instagram// Okay, now hear me out, too few of you guys have social media for me to stalk you on! I want to know every book you're reading, every small detail of your day, and every bit of food you took a bite of. Plus, social media helps raise awareness for your blog and beautiful face, so what's not to love? See, productive!

2. discover a new musical// Don't get me wrong, I love Hamilton and Les Misérables, but there are other amazing musicals out there that also deserve crazy fangirls (and fanboys!!) to memorize every line, create fanart, and write fanfiction for. So cue the recommendations.

Fiddler on the Roof. TRADITION.TRADITION!....TRADITION. *inaudible fanigrl squeals* 
Phantom of the Opera. Phantom and opera in the same title, so a no brainer obviously. 
The Huntchback of Notre Dome. Specifically the 2015 musical by James Lapine and Peter Parnell and composed by Alan Menken. Such goodness. 
Into the Woods. It's weird, it's creepy, and it's a play on different fairy tales. It's cool. 
Wicked. UM it's about the two witches from The Wizard of Oz so uh yeah. 
My Fair Lady. Audrey Hepburn plays the main character. You're welcome.
Grease. GREASE LIGHTENING *attempts to mimic their dancing* It's good, so good. 

3. curl up with a cozy read// Reading is just pure wonderfulness and reading on a rainy day is so magical, so you must do it now please, thank you. And, if you read, you'll learn new things and have a better imagination and you'll just be a cooler human being. Not that if you don't read, you're not cool, it's just that, you're probably not as cool as someone who does read, especially someone who reads on a rainy day. But hey! I'm here to give you some cozy reads recommendations so now you too can be cool. *enthusiastic thumbs up*

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. A wonderful book written by a wonderful human, You should read it, then run to me and we can talk, but only if you loved it, because this is my all time favorite book and I will not tolerate any hate. 
The Tale of Despereaux by Katie DiCamillo. It's a book about an adorable little mouse who is outcasted because he's too brave. It's the cutest book ever! 
Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. This book utterly broke my heart into a million pieces but also made it feel so complete. It was amazing. 
A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. This is such a heartwarming contemporary that gave me so many feels. I adored it! The movie adaption is great too, but the book (obviously) is much better. 
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Some of the best writing I've ever read and a beautifully crafted story. Plus, super short chapters so it goes by quickly. 

4. try a new recipe// Because baking is ten times more magical when it's rainy. Try my Jam Cookies or Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins if you dare! WARNING: They're super old posts and need updating, so please no judgment. Or judge, whatever, no hurt feelings or anything. 

5. watch something new on netflix. Okay so nothing about this is really productive, but you could clean or do homework while watching your new show and maybe feel productive? OR you could just take a well deserved break and eat food and turn on a good show. Do it, you know you should. 

Merlin. This is my favorite drama ever!! Merlin is adorable and all the characters are amazing and it's a fantasy and made by BBC and it is pure joy so watch it. Yeah yeah, that was a terrible run on sentence, but I can't properly express me love for this show, it's just so wonderful!! 
Call of the Midwife. Another wonderful drama from BBC, I've only watched the first season so far but I'm really loving it! The British know how to do it right.
Heartland. So this is a show about horses and a ranch, so not normally something I'd watch, but a few of my best friends love this show and got me hooked. So far it's pretty good!
When Calls the Heart. This show is so cute! It's a bit cheesy, don't get me wrong, but I quite like it. One of my closest friends really likes it too, but since she lives about three hours away, we just watch it at the same time while texting each other and ranting. It's pretty great. 

6. get coffee with your best friend. Because your best friend is an adorable, wonderful person who deserve to be loved and given coffee. You can do it, you can leave the house, bear the rain. If you have a close friend who doesn't live close enough (like me, *sniff*) skype them and drink coffee over the screen. Unless your wifi connection is ruined by the rain, then just be lonely and sad I guess.

7. discover new blogs. Welp, hopefully you guys have a good wifi connection or else you're missing out! Blogs are the best and there are so many wonderful people you must read from. Spend some time looking through other bloggers' "friends" pages (I really need to make one), or stalk the people who comments on their blogs, or who follows them on twitter. It sounds creepy, but you will find amazing bloggers, I promise you.

Letters to Jayna. Okay, so Elissa is one beautiful soul and just happens to be one of my best friends, so obviously you need to go follow her. She writes such beautiful poetry and I love her to death. 
Twilight to Dawn. So if you know The Barefoot Gal, then you already know Julia is an amazing human being and I adore her poetry blog, everything she write is pure goodness. Go follower her and convince her to publish a poetry collection, okay? okay.
Simply Me. Oh my gosh guys, Vanessa is actually the sweetest person ever and I love love her blog and her so go check her out.
Words Passing You By and Beloved. So I've been following Cally for awhile now and she is who I aspire to be. Everything she writes is breathtaking and I just love her and the wisdom she has. Follower her other blog too, gah she's great. 
Paper Fury. If you like books, then you will love Cait's blog! Her formatting is on point and she writes some of the best reviews ever. I just love everything about her writing!

8. watch your favorite childhood movies// And let all the nostalgia kick in. I was watching Spirit the other day and it just gave me all the feels! My brother Zachary use to force us to watch that all the time, it was so weird to watch it without him.

9. take up a new hobby// If you're going to stay home all day, you might as well hunker down and learn something new. It makes you feel all accomplished and productive, that is, if you actually were able to figure it out. If you tried and failed, well, you might feel differently.

Start a blog. Okay, so if you don't blog, you need to start! the blogging world is a magical place where you can write whatever you want with no rules and express yourself. It's wonderful and actually not that hard. I mean, it takes a lot of time and work, but it's fun and rewarding. Do it, you know you should.
Learn to crochet/knit. It's way easier than it looks, plus you can knit your family a bunch of stuff for their gifts and it's cheap and they can't complain because it's "from the heart" *evil laugh*
Pick up a new instrument. Spoiler, I don't actually play an instrument and that picture is me creating an allusion that I'm more talented than I actually am, but I wish I knew how to play an instrument, so let's learn together, shall we? Okay. 
Write something new. A short story, poetry, creative nonfiction, a song. Whatever you're not use to and kind of scares you, try it! You just might like it. 

10. go clean your room// Because this is the most productive thing on this list and it'll raise your spirits. Let's be honest, it's probably a mess right now and you're using the internet as a distraction. Well stop it, and go clean your room. You can't say I'm not wise. 

Bonus! 11. go enter to be in Morning's blogger yearbook// So Morning had this amazing idea to create a blogger yearbook and she needs more entries, go check it out! Her blog is awesome and I think her idea is absolute genius. 

What do you like to do on rainy days? Throw me some more ideas down below. Did any of my suggestions help? Let's chat about it! 

Have a wonderful week,



  1. ELIZABETH. this is me crying over how sweet you are = :'''''''''''''''''''''''''''') AHHHH. SO SWEET. this list was absolutely amazing and i feel like i do half of these things on a weekly basis. ahaha. i don't have much to add except dancing to your favorite music in your room (100% not dorky nope not at all whoops). loved this. x

    1. Awww yay I'm glad you think so ;)
      and yes!! dancing is the best thing ever honestly

  2. Ugh..just yesterday I was bored because of the rain. Hey, now I have some ideas ;)


    1. Ahh sorry I didn't post this a day earlier, next time ;)

    All the books are awesome, and WCTH is the great! Its starting to get a little soap-opera-y but its sweet!
    Phantom of the opera is something everyone needs to see. I got to go see it on Broadway when I visited NY last spring with my choir! Great post! This is something I will refer back to when I get board on those cold winter days! XD

    1. Yay!! I did it ;)
      hahah it totally is, but it's addicting!
      And I am so jealous, I want to see it so badly. It looks amazing.

  4. This is such great list!! I also love The Book Thief and Salt to the Sea!!

    1. Thanks :)) and right?? they're some of my two all time favorite books.

  5. Those are great tips!!!!! I love watching movies and reading books! :)

    It's actually rainy today, this really helped!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

  6. Hey,
    Found somewhere in the Internet this beautiful place. It doesn't rain but cold days could be also a little bit boring and I've decided to discover new blogs (like youd said in your list)this are so good ideas:)
    Love, Lea

  7. uhhhhhhhhhhhm. ELIZABETH HONESTLY YOU. ARE. TOO. SWEET. *dies*

    1. Wait, not don't die!! You still owe me that poetry collection, come back!!

    2. *comes back* ALRIGHT I WONT DIE. I shall live...just cuz you're too sweet xD

    3. Yayayaya!!! Good, I'm glad you've come to such a decision.

  8. This is the holy Grail. Like a Bible to not being bored on a raining day. I think I am going to Skype one of my friends and drink coffee together-a wonderful idea!

    1. YAS best title ever given to a post of mine ;) I'm glad you liked it!

  9. Although I don't live in the rainy side of Washington State, the Winter can be a bit gray and long. Lots of those ideas on your list are things I do, especially the baking and picking up new hobbies (then Summer comes along, and I wonder why on earth I ever thought I had time for them). I do love doing more knitting again in the Winter, and I'm totally making two Christmas presents this year :D I also love Merlin! Though, I have to admit I haven't finished watching the last season. I couldn't bear it. I put 'The Book Thief' down on my 'to read' list that I just put together today. Also, I sympathize with the whole 'best friend lives too far away' dilemma. Mine happens to live way over on the other coast...Lovely post! :)

    1. Right?? I always say I'm gonna have so much time in the Summer and then I'm way busier and don't do hobbies :P
      And same, I'm currently crocheting a blanket, it's such a perfect thing to do while sitting by the fire and listening to an audio book. :)
      And what??? You HAVE to finish it, it's so good. And sad, and you will be devastated.
      And yay!! My work here is done.

    And I just saw A Heartland Christmas the other night, and I thought it was pretty interesting. I just didn't know if it's the kind of thing I usually watch though. Are the series pretty nice?

    1. Thanks Autumn <3
      Yeah I know what you mean, I don't normally watch shows like it either, but for some reason I really enjoy it! It's pretty good, a tad cheesy, but it's cute :)

  11. Such a great post! These ideas are so cute! x

    - Caitlin

  12. Your descriptions of those musicals are SO PERFECT. Oh my goodness. I'm head-over heels obsessed with Hunchback lately- it's so gorgeous!


    "Spoiler, I don't actually play an instrument and that picture is me creating an allusion that I'm more talented than I actually am." < Me XD

    ...I'm literally taking a break from cleaning my room to read this post wow.


    1. OOh I love the Hunchback, IT"S PERFECT <3
      And yes yes you do, it's so good!!
      Awww Grace you're too sweet, thank you!

  13. Hey Elizabeth :)!
    I just found your blog while I was discovering new blogs (came here from Julia's :) ), when I should be cleaning my room :D. Hahaha! That line made me laugh :). (Actually, I'm waiting for my sisters to be ready to help me, because I think we'll try to decorate our room tonight, because I've been a huge slacker but don't want to *not* do it this year, lol...) You have a lovely blog :)!
    I love the show "When Calls the Heart" as well! Ahhhh, so sweet! I love Abigail and Jack :). And I identify with the struggles of having a long-distance best friend. It's so sad and yet something you are so thankful for all at the same time! I'm going to have to ask my friend if we can skype over coffee... her's will probably be better than mine since she works at a coffee shop, hahaha ;).
    Bri :)

  14. OH OH OH Merlin is the best ever! My sisters and I looove that show. All the emotions tho :'( And Heartland is something I never thought I'd ever watch but I am hooked! I'm trying to find somewhere to watch season nine. It's so cool that you like those shows, I don't know many people who do!


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