Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Letter to January

Dear January, 

What a long and stressful month you've been. With finals and science fair, I never seemed to get a wink of sleep or break from writing something down. The side of my wrist has been stained with ink all month! Yet, now you're done and I feel like you've just zipped on by. What happened? I must have been so busy and exhausted to even realize what was going on with you. I'm glad you're over with though. Sorry to say it, but you've never been my favorite month, plus with you gone, it's one less month till summer and freedom.

In my very little free time, I attempted to blog  and catch up on reading, that I was thankful for. I also watched lots of Netflix, for after doing school all day, I feel completely brain dead and need something to do that doesn't take effort. But you were stubborn this year and rarely let me do anything other then cram for finals and panic over the science fair, so thank you for that.

Anyways, at least you  had let me drink plenty of the chocolate milk I was craving and learn more about poetry, so I have a few things to be thankful for. In the end though, I'm excited for February, See you next year!

With Love,


Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Favorites

Hello lovelies,

With January being almost over, I thought I'd share my monthly favorites with you all. I'm still trying to comprehend that January is almost over though! Excuse me for being cliche, but wow it sure went by fast. This month has been stressful, yet rewarding, with the end of semester and science fair, but a new year and new semester are here and I'm ready to make the best of it. So anyways, here are my favorites this month. ;)

Movie// I've always loved musicals, but recently that is all I want to watch. The Sound of Music has been my most beloved movie for so long, and this month was no exception. The music never gets old, plus I love the costumes. If you have never seen it, you must drop whatever you're doing right now, stop reading my little rant, and start watching it!

Book// In English class this month we've been learning poetry. It's never something I've been into before, but that was just because I really hadn't read much of it. I have fallen in love though! I picked out a few different types of poetry books at my library, as you saw in a past post of mine, but 100 Essential Modern Poems has been one I can't stop flipping through. There are so many different, yet beautiful poems in its pages, I strive to be able to write like some of those poets some day.

Writing// As I shared in my "Lately" post, I love writing to do lists and different types of schedules. I actually have my February blog schedule ready to go. I'm quite excited too :) I've been using Bic's permanent markers for my planning. I love how bright and fun the colors are, they just pop right out of the page! They cause me to want to get everything done, which is great motivation for me since after my homework is finished, all I want to do is sleep or watch Netflix.

Body// For my birthday and Christmas last month, I got tons of different perfumes, but my Live Your Life one by AEO is by far my favorite! It lasts all day and smells fruity with a little bit of musk, but it's not so strong were it causes me a headache. It has definitely been my go to perfume this month. Plus, it's a roller so it is easier to apply, at least in my opinion. 

Face// I love blush! It is one makeup product I rarely leave the house without. It just adds so much color to my face and helps me not look as pale and blank. Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin has been my most worn this month. I love how it's a cream blush and the color just works well right now with my skin tone, at least I hope so and I'm not walking around looking terrible. :P

Lips// I really enjoy lipstick and the many different and fun colors there are. Lately though, I've been to rushed to think about adding any, and my eos lip balms have become my new best friends. It doesn't really change your appearance, but they're super moisturizing. My lips have been chapped all month so this product kind of saved me from going insane.

Food// Now don't get me wrong from this picture, I love my carbs and sugar, but recently, one of my favorite things to put together at home is a yummy ranch salad. I've been adding tomatoes or grapes, carrots, onions or cucumber, feta cheese, and grilled chicken. It's just so good and filling, plus it makes me feel like I'm somewhat healthy so that is always nice.

What are some of your January favorites? Can you believe how fast this month has gone?

Hope you all have a wonderful day,


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dear 20 Year Old Me // Guest Post

Hello sweet friends,

Today I have a letter from the beautiful Elissa over at Letters To Jayna. Elissa and I go to school together and she is so sweet! Ya'll should check out her blog and my letter I posted on it, A Letter to the Ten Year Old Me.

Dear Elissa,

20; you’re an adult! You made it through middle school and high school, which is no small feat.  Do you have a boyfriend? Any piercings, tattoos or hair dye? What did you decide to do with yourself? Are you dancing, or doing something totally different?

Just because you’re an adult, don’t forget the dreams you had. The desire to do something big and amazing- are you doing something worthwhile? Elissa, don’t forget to follow the Lord. Don’t forget everything He has done for you, and what He has given you. I hope you are allowing Him to use you in big, amazing ways.

Don’t forget the child you were- full of admiration and desire. Self-conscious- I hope you have grown out of that! I hope you have learned to love yourself, even during difficult times. Remember to strive to love others, and put them before yourself.

What advice do you have for me? I’m worried about high school, and deciding what to pursue after. Is it worth fighting, to do what I love?  What about grades; are the A’s worth it?
I am excited to see what God is going to do with me- it’s so hard to wait!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bitter Bites


Today I come to you with a poem I wrote. It's probably not the best you'll ever read, but I had fun writing it and thought I'd share. It's inspired by a memorable meal I had when I was 10. My grandma, who was the sweetest and most caring lady ever, had just died. My best friends mom tired to make a replica of my favorite meal that my grandma always made. We still laugh about it today, and I just love how she tried to make me feel better, it was so sweet. xoxo 


her bouncy strawberry blonde hair,
much like my grandma's
sits and watches the silver container
full of bubbly gray goo.
her mouth lovingly blabbers about,
how we much not lie,
how we must yield to one another. 
she thinks our friendship is breaking,
like ice cracking under the weight.
my friend, her mom
anxiously watch me as i take my first bite.
but I take another, and another
remembering my smiling grandma,
who always prepared me my favorite meal.
dough so soft,
it melted in your mouth.
chicken so tender,
its taste lingered on your tongue
like a song that wouldn't stop repeating in your head.
but as she was laid to rest
where the radiant sun would never fail to shine,
and the vibrant flowers bloom daily,
i was left with a burnt bitter taste in my mouth,
and powdery dough that refused to be swallowed
that not even the panting dogs,
that begged under my feet,
ventured to take a bite. 


Monday, January 19, 2015

Church Outfit // Freezing Buildings and Crazy Games

Dress/Macy's. Cardigan/T.J Max. Tights/Target. Boots/Sears. Scarf/Fred Meyer. Bag/Gift.


I'm so sad the weekend is over. I got to relax and take a breather for a bit, which is nice since the end of semester homework has been kicking my butt. I also got to catch up with a friend of mine, and she was able to snap a few pictures while we were at it. It's great because I hate taking pictures of myself, and she loves to take pictures of people. We also attempted to make Cupcake War worthy cupcakes (notice I said attempted, because we majorly failed) and watched my most beloved movie, Pride and Prejudice. If you have not seen it, what are you doing with your life? 

I wore this outfit yesterday for church. It was comfortable and warm, which is nice because our building is always so freezing. What is it with church buildings always being so cold? We need to fix that. Afterwords, we snapped some pictures, then walked over to a friends house and got to watch the NFC Championship game. WOW. I've been a Seahawks fan for quite some time, but they just blew me away in those last couple minutes. Crazy game. Did anyone else watch it? It'll be interesting to see who wins the Superbowl: Seahawks vs Patriots. 

Anyways, I'm off to finish homework and drown in self pity. Seriously, who came up with the idea of homework? Not cool, not cool.

With love,


Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Life Lately


So wow, it's kind of been forever since I last posted, checked emails, and browsed others blogs. I am so incredibly sorry about that. Life has been crazy, but I won't go into the typical blogger excuses right now. I'm back though, and creating a schedule for myself so I can hopefully stay on track with my posting. Today, I just wanted to share what I've been up to lately. 

Drinking// I've been obsessed with tea lately, even more so then normally. I usually would have a cup of peppermint tea every night while reading some good book, but not it's like 2-3 cups a day. English breakfast, black spice, earl grey, and green tea are my current favorites. I'm not really a fan of fruity teas, but pomegranate and hibiscus, I've discovered, are actually pretty good. Overall, Tea (and of course, cute tea cups to sip it with) has been a favorite of mine lately. 

Reading// In English, we've been studying epic poetry, so I decided to pick up a book from the library and read it for myself. I chose the Iliad because I've always been fascinated by Greek Mythology, plus it was a book I was assigned to research, so why not read it too? I love it! I never knew epic poetry could be this good. Whenever I begin to read it, I just can't get myself to put it down. If you're into poetry, or are just looking for something completely new to read, I highly suggest this. 

Writing// As I said before, in English we're studying poetry, so it's obvious to say, then, that I've been writing a lot of it. I've been writing for year now, it's just something I've always greatly enjoyed, but I didn't write a ton of poetry, just time to time when I was feel extra artsy hehe. It's been so much fun though, to experiment with poetry, I've already written a few that I really love. Poetry is definitely something I will be writing more of in the future.  

Planning// To-Do lists are seriously the bomb! It helps keep me organized and motivated throughout the day, especially if I use fun, bright colors. Plus, every time you mark something off, you have this amazing wave of self accomplishment go through your body and just makes you want do to more and more so you can check off everything. Yes, strange, I know, but great all the same! I'm also working on a blog schedule, so don't fear! I won't be taking another six week vacation anytime soon.

Have a beautiful day,


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