Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pity Parties Are My Specialty // Job 1-2

Hello friends,

The other day I was reading Job 1-2 and I was reminded of this story.

About a year and a half ago, something happened that really changed the way I thought about myself. You see, I complain. Of course, we all complain about something throughout the day, but I complain a lot. Pity parties are my specialty, sometimes I even go out of my way to make one happen. One summer, while I was working at camp, I was sitting around a picnic table with a group of friends, and I started talking.

"Oh I'm so tired and ew wasn't the meatloaf disgusting and yeah my camper wanted to go swimming it was SO cold ugh and this dude wasn't helping me do the chores at all and now my arms sore from lifting all those chairs, I wish this would have happened instead..." blah blah blah (totally not making up random complaints because I can't remember exactly what I said hahaha nope not me).

One of the guys around my table just gives me a long hard stare, and says something I still think about today.

"Wow, your camp name should have been whiny. Gosh you can complain."

That sure shut me up.

And you know what? At first I was pretty angry. I mean how dare he say something so rude in front of everyone? But the more I've had time to think about, the more I'm thankful he said something (not that I'm suggesting you do that to someone in public, but you get it). Sometimes I think I've stopped growing, but I am so so far from being perfect. God is constantly showing me areas to work on and where I'm failing. Being grateful in all circumstances and taking things with a grain of salt is one of them.

"At this, Job got up and tore his robes and shaved his head. Then he fell to the ground in worship and said: 'Naked I came from my mother's womb and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.'

In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing."
-Job 1:20-22

Now let's give this verse some context. God was telling Satan how righteous and amazing Job was, so Satan said that if he gave Job all sorts of hardships and trials, he would curse God. So God allowed Satan to do what he wanted with Job, as long as he didn't kill him. So, what does Satan do? He destroys all of Job's livestock and servants. Then he goes and kills all of Job's children. So Job has just lost almost everything he held dear and what does he do? He praises God and not once does he sin by cursing Him.

WHAT? I can't even be served weird meatloaf without getting upset.

He falls onto his knees in worship. Isn't that the kind of faith we all should have? The Lord has given us everything, does He not have the right to take it away as well? In all circumstances, we should be praising His holy name, for He is good and righteous in all things.

"Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?"
-Job 2:10b

Reading the first few chapters of Job really humbled me. I mean, really, how can I accept God's blessings and then yell at him when things aren't going the way I wanted? Ultimately, God has a much greater plan than the one we have in our heads. Instead of moping about and complaining to anyone who will listen, will you join me in waiting on God and praising him in the ups and downs? 

I know I'm not the only who struggles with this! How about you, how has reading Job's experience and response made you think about your own response to hardships? Have you ever been forced to eat really gross meatloaf? Don't say no because I know you have.

Have a wonderful Saturday,


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Favorite Period Drama Soundtracks // YOU'RE WELCOME

Hello friends,

Now, I believe in a very large dose of music every day. Not just singing along to the radio in the car or listening to Pandora while getting ready for the day, but all the time. A great option in music when you're faced with studying, reading, or writing, is soundtracks. As an expert in always wearing my headphones and ignoring the world, I thought I'd share with you all some of my favorite period drama soundtracks. I use to make fun of my brothers for enjoying movie soundtracks, but then my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of period drama movies and their magical music. So to help you be a little more happier and a whole lot more productive, here are some of my favorites

i. Emma (2009)

If Mr. Knightley isn't reason enough for you to watch this beautiful adaption of Jane Austen's Emma, (which he totally should be because he's adorable), than watch it for the soundtrack. It's so fun! It's almost always on while I'm reading, fun fact. Bonus points if you listen to it while reading Emma and drinking tea. You're basically almost as savvy as me.

ii. Jane Eyre (2011)

This soundtrack is pure loveliness! It translate the tone of the novel into music so perfectly. Actually, last November/December when I was reading Jane Eyre, I would listen to the soundtrack and it was such a pleasant reading experience. Honestly guys, I know a lot of people have issues with this adaption, but it's so beautifully filmed and has splendid music so go watch it anyways.

iii. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Another controversial period drama adaption. Don't hate me here guys, but I actually like this version better than the Colin Firth one. I KNOW, oh my goodness how dare I?? It's just so pretty and the music is to die for. Plus, I watched this movie before I ever read the book, and I fell in love with the story, which led me to read Pride and Prejudice and be opened up to the wonderful world of Jane Austen.  So don't hate me, and go listen to the soundtrack.

iv. Atonement (2007)

I discovered this soundtrack before I even watched the movie, and fell in love. The movie itself is very powerful, though is rated R and has some adult content, so just a warning. But besides that, it was pretty good! The music, to me at least, tells a story from beginning to end, and I just love how it was composed. It also uses a typewriter at times and it's just so cool! So you should go listen to it.

v. Anna Karenina (2012)

I'm now just realizing three out of the five all star Keira Knightley, but you can't blame me, she's in a lot of period dramas with fantastic soundtracks! Anna Karenina is no exception. I haven't actually seen the movie yet, but I've listened to the music quite a bit and it's just so fun! It's a lot different than the rest, and I'd love to see how it fits with the tone of the movie and novel, but that will have to wait for another day. For now, just know the music is quite pretty.

What's your favorite period drama soundtrack? Or just plan movie soundtrack? Do you agree with any of the ones that are on my list? Leave me a comment down blow, I'm always up for new recommendations!

Have a wonderful week,


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Life Happenings // Managing Sickness and Homework

Hello lovely friends,

Let me just say this, I've missed you guys! It was not my intention to take an unannounced two week break from the blogging world. With that being said, it was kind of needed. Although I just came back from a break, the new year hit me full force, and within days I found myself with a high fever, stacks of homework, and a mess of a room. Seriously, an actual event that went down last week:

Professor: "Remember to always get a lot of sleep. When you stay up late, you get stressed. And when you get stressed, you get sick. [And when you get sick in college, your life if over because you miss class and fail and die]."
*a few minutes later*
Professor: "Okay so you have five assignments due tomorrow. Oh, also no late work will be accepted."
Me: *stays up late* *gets stressed* *suddenly has a fever of 103*

So guys, last weekend I had big plans. I was going to work and save up some money. I was going to clean my room, do laundry, and clean out my car. I was going to tackle my piles of homework. And finally, I was going to blog and catch up on everyone's posts. Instead, I got sick and spent most of the weekend drinking tea, shivering, and watching NCIS. Then, back to school. Side note, it is actually the worst being sick in class. I felt like all 54 people could hear every sniffle and cough of mine.

But this weekend, I'm well, I have a long weekend, and I feeling pretty good about life again. So to help you sad persons who might be out there struggling with managing schoolwork and sickness, here are my flawless five steps to being a better person at life. This is good stuff.

i. complain about everything

You're sick, you have lots to do, you don't have time for this! So complain, make sure every person knows how badly you feel. Give them unneeded details. Explain the color of your snot when you blow your nose, and how it feels like there's a piece of hair in your throat you can't cough up. Then, talk about how hard your homework is. Feel free to elaborate! If it's a four page paper, you can get away with saying 6-8 pages. Even better, if it's worth 10% of your grade, book that up to 20% for extra sympathy and support.

ii. cry and mope about your terrible state

Of course, only do this step in private, you don't want people thinking you're weak or anything. Sob, scream, throw things. YOUR LIFE SUCKS AND CAN'T POSSIBLY GET ANY WORSE.

iii. forget about it

Wait, what homework? I don't know what you're talking about. There's not like multiple assignments that need to be written or notes that should be typed or quizzes that need to be studied for. You're not feeling well, grab some more tea, watch another episode of NCIS.

iv.  seek out (the right) advice

Seek advice, but only from the right people. Don't ask your mom or pastor on how to get a hang of life. They're going to tell you things like pray about it, get your homework done, stop watching so much Netflix. Now that's all good advice, but it doesn't make you feel good about yourself. Instead, ask your puppy about it. Most of the time, they give you kisses and cuddle with you, and that makes you feel pretty darn good about life again. Friends are an okay option, but if they start being "wise" or anything, get out of there fast.

v. pull an all-nighter

Just keep putting off everything you have to do, blow your nose raw, and get a headache and then you'll have the perfect ingredients to pull a sick all-nighter. Literally. Let's be honest here, there's nothing you can do to get everything done on time when you're sick, so just make another pot of tea, put on your favorite sweats, and get writing.

What are your tips on how to handle school while dying of the flu? Not that I need them or anything, as you saw, mine are flawless.

In all seriousness, I hope you are all having a lovely week! I missed blogging and interacting with everyone. So far, my second quarter of college has taught me I need some serious help in the time management department. So truly, if you have any sage words of advice, I would be glad to take them!

Also, yes, I am fully aware my picture has no relevance to the subject whatsoever, but it's pretty and I needed something, so there you go. xD

Have a wonderful weekend,


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hey There January

Hello friends,

It's January!! Like, what? A new year has begun, and although 2016 had a lot of changes, I see a lot more coming my way this year. Still, I walk into 2017 with a happy heart, excited to leave a few things behind and see what this year has for me. With that being said, I had a very nice December. Luckily for me, my last college class was on December 6th, so I had a good month of rest, reading, and being with friends and family. I dearly hope you all experienced at least some rest this holiday season and were able to enjoy yourself. School starts up again in a couple days for me, but I'm kind of looking forward to it! I do love to learn and it keeps me busy.

Anyways, let get onto the wrap up, shall we?

Currently// Indulging in lots stories and buying too many books, listening to musicals nonstop, writing poetry and starting a new blog, annoying Julia with random pictures of my dog and stories about chicken nuggets, getting obsessed with Mr. Kinghtley from Emma because he's adorable, and dancing around in my new Zella leggings because buying them was the best decision I've made all year and it deserves celebrating.

Reading// The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Guys, this book is already so good and I'm only 200 page in. I have a feeling this might become a new favorite. Also, City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. Finally finishing the last book in The Mortal Instruments and already so many people are dying. I've been putting it off for awhile because I'm too scared of all my characters getting harmed.

Enjoying// Autumn's post, 16 Things I learned in 2016. Julia's post, Rocking Around The Christmas Tree // I Did a Lip Sync Video. Jonathan's post, Who Do You Say That I Am. Randy's post, I Picked a Flower (and Left it on the Table). And Elissa's post, Letter to the Hurting.

Listening// Wicked's original cast recording has been on repeat the last couple of days. I've always enjoyed the music when it came on Pandora, but I've never sat down and listened to the entire album until this month. Now I can't put it down. Also listening to Atonement's soundtrack, which is just plain lovely. Perfect background music for reading or writing.

Loving// My cozy new socks and sliding around the wood floor, watching Rouge One with friends and blaring music on the way there, roads trips to the closet Chick-fil-A, spending hours in bookstores just browsing and petting the resident kitties, and drinking tea while reading by the wood stove.

Disliking// Driving in Seattle traffic and not knowing where to go, being blindfolded in a car by Miss Elissa (go yell at her), having so many wonderful books to read but not having time, and my friend telling me she read the first six Harry Potter books and got bored so didn't read the last one.

Blogging// Hey There December, where I wrap up the month of November and share my goals for December. 18 Things I've Learned in 18 Years, where I talk about being 18 and the lessons that have been taught to me throughout the years. Chats Over Coffee #1 // Surviving High School, where I drink coffee and we discuss high school and how to get through it. Searching for Cheer, where I write about the search for Christmas spirit. Walking in a Winter Wonderland, where I share some pictures of my family and I enjoy the fresh falling snow. And SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT // chasing moonlight, where I talk about something pretty exciting and that might have to do with a new blog (go check it out!).

Hoping// To start off well in this quarters' new classes, write more poetry and take pretty pictures, block out more time for reading and stop watching so much Netflix, actually stick to a yoga schedule and possibly eat more salad and less fries, spend more time with the people I care about, and get around to actually redesigning this blog.

How was your December? Were you able to have a restful, joyful holiday season? Leave me a comment down below about your month and what your goals are for January.

Happy New Year,


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