Thursday, December 29, 2016

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT // chasing moonlight

Hey there!

So, I have a very special announcement for everyone. Thanks to the help of Julia and Sarah, I was finally able to start something I've been hoping to do for awhile now.

*drum role*


Guys!! I'm beyond excited to share with you I started a poetry blog, chasing moonlight. I have to say a HUGE thanks to Julia and Sarah for helping me get started. Julia, the kindest human ever, texted me Christmas morn and told me she wanted to buy and install a design for the poetry blog I've been yearning to start. *sequels* Is that not that sweetest thing ever? So her and Sarah were way too kind and helped make it all pretty and I can't thank them enough. Also, Sarah helped me come up with name, which I am just in love with. If you're not following Julia's blogs Twilight to Dawn and The Barefoot Gal, and Sarah's blog The Introverted Extrovert, you must go do so right now. They are both the cutest, nicest, funniest girls ever and I am so blessed by their existence. So go stalk their blogs, go do it!

My goal for chasing moonlight is to just share my poetry with whoever will read it. I love to write, but I feel as if Whimsical Thoughts has taken a different route. Don't get me wrong, I adore this blog and will still be posting regularly, but I wanted to dedicate a spot for only my writing, somewhere I can post as many poems as I want without feeling bad I don't have variety. So, if you've enjoyed my writing in the past, jump over to chasing moonlight and follow me! I already have one post up, and I cannot wait to share more.

Thank you to everyone who has given me so much encouragement in my writing, thus inspiring me to start this new blog. And thanks again to sweet sweet Julia and Sarah for helping me out. YOU TWO ARE THE LEGIT BEST.

Have a wonderful New Years,


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Hello friends,

Last Friday my family and I woke up to a beautiful surprise. SNOW! A good snowfall was much overdue and finally, after a few years, we got a couple lovely inches. Plus, it came around Christmas and stuck. We had a white Christmas! It was truly a blessing. Of course, I had to take advantage of this gorgeous sight and take a few pictures. So Aaron, our mother, and Murphy set out to do just that.

I just love my family and these pictures are so honest to our relationships. Aaron running around making goofy faces, and my mom tolerating me taking a few of her (shhhh don't tell her I posted them), And of course, the pup. He's so funny in the snow, he'll jump in the air to catch the flakes and then fall back down, all confused. Aaron likes to make snowballs and watch Murphy try to catch them. It's a bit cruel, but entertaining nonetheless. Confession time: I'm not really an animal person, and would get slightly annoyed at people obsessing over their dogs, but I adore my fluffy pup and can't stop taking pictures of him and showing them to others. So I suppose I'm warming up to the idea of liking animals, especially if they have cute faces and live with me.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Can you believe it's over? Time goes by so quickly and the thing you were waiting for for so long, suddenly is over with and gone. It was very pleasing to have a white Christmas, though, and spend time with family. But guys, winter break is over in a week and I'm just not ready, not ready at all.

Send help and lots of coffee please. Also, cake. Cake cures all.

How has your week been? Can you believe it's officially winter AND that the year is almost over? Guys, it's too crazy, I think I must go hide and wait it out.

Hoping you have a wonderful week,


Friday, December 23, 2016

searching for cheer

tis the season
for christmas cheer
snow is falling
carols are sung
people are bustling
here and there
and jolliness seems to be
i'm still standing here
empty handed
my heart is full
but not with joy
with doubt
so i wait for it
to snow
and i buy all
the gifts
i watch elf
and polar express
and rudolf the reindeer
am i broken
have i just grown up
why is this excitement
in my life
but then i stop
and realize
christmas isn't about
the lights
the music
the traditions
it's not even about
who's here
and who isn't
it's about
God with us
our Savior
who came down to earth
to save us
yet i base my feelings
on a christmas tree
on snowmen
and holiday cookies
no wonder i don't feel
this "spirit"
of christmas
i've been looking
to all the wrong things
when it's only ever been about
and the precious gift
we've been given

How are you feeling about Christmas? I know this season can be really hard for a lot of people, and I totally get that! There's people that I miss and traditions that have been lost, and it's sad, but I've come to the realization that it doesn't matter if I feel "christmasy" or not, because this season is all about Christ, not me. So join me in these last couple of days in worshiping Jesus and remembering why we celebrate this holiday in the first place.

Merry Christmas! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday,


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chats Over Coffee #1 // Surviving High School

Hello beautiful people!

Isn't my title so creative and original? It came to me in a dream! Okay so not really, but guys I'm not a creative person so if you have a better title, leave me a comment down below. Anyways, I've just adored writing on this blog and having conversations with other bloggers, so I wanted to start a little series where I can chat about different topics with you guys and share my experiences while still being authentic. But that means you have to chat with me too, so don't leave me hanging here okay? Okay,

So this is my senior year in high school/freshmen year in college and it's so weird. For a little recap, my state has a program where high school students can take free college classes that work for both high school and college credits, and you can get an AA degree through it, so it's pretty awesome and not something I wanted to pass up. But even though I'm not going to high school this year, I still definitely feel like I'm in high school and I can't believe it's going to be over soon. It's been funny to reflect on the past four years and think back to when I was almost sure I wouldn't get through it. But guys, I am surviving high school, and you know what? It's not as hard as I thought it was going to be.

i. learn to laugh at yourself

Back in 9th grade, basically anything humiliated me. In Spanish I, I was constantly messing up the pronunciation and every time we had to talk in class, I felt like dying. I just knew everyone was like, "Wow, Elizabeth is so stupid, I can't believe she is in this class." I felt like this for a month or two, until I realized that everyone else also struggled in different areas and I wasn't alone. I learned to laugh at my mistakes and the class stopped being something I was afraid of, and I ended up learning so much! So guys, laughing at yourself is so important. It helps you cope first off, and shows others that you're a boss and don't need to be perfect. But actually, am I the only one who just fails at learning other languages? Because oh my gosh am I bad.

ii. an "f" doesn't mean you're a failure. 

The very first exam I ever took in Biology, I got an F. Never in my life had I gotten an F and I was so devastated. How was I going to pass Biology? How was I going to get into college? Basically, my life was ruined. But do you know what? I corrected my test, did extra credit, and studied harder and I ended up getting an A in that class. So just because you get an F in something, that doesn't mean you're a failure and you can't come back from it. Don't let test scores and essay grades define your intelligence, because that's just simply not an accurate comparison. Work hard, do your best, and try try again.

iii. drama is inevitable 

I'm home schooled/private schooled, but I still ran into drama. It's unavoidable. Whether it's revolved around you, your friends, the person you like, it's going to come into your life and you have the option to get involved or to back out. Now, I'm chosen both options and more often than not, it's a mistake to get involved into drama. Of course, other times you get sucked into it without a choice. Honestly though, people say things just to get reactions and attention from others, so don't give them the satisfaction of getting on board. Just let how you live your life show your character, and the people who matter will realize what's true and what isn't.

iv. be respectable to those in charge

Every time someone complains about a teacher not liking them and how terrible they are, more often than not do I find that the student is actually super disrespectful and distracting to others. This upsets me so much because your teachers and leaders work so hard to help you learn. They spends hours every day just to benefit you and your life, the least we as students can do is treat them with respect and gratitude. You will get so much further when you learn to respect authority and be thankful for the work they put into your life. And you know what? It's okay to be nice to your teachers, say thank you, and have conversations with them. That doesn't make you a "teacher's pet." Don't stop being nice and respectful because your peers are teasing you for it.

v. focus on the lord instead of emotions

This is the most important thing to remember when attempting to survive high school, and really the rest of your life. I'm a very emotion driven person, and a lot of times I'll get on these spiritual highs, where I'm like, "Oh yeah this Christian thing is so great, I just love God and everyone else so much." And when that wares off, I start getting unfocused and I fall into this trap of searching for that high again. But our relationship with God shouldn't be based on spiritual highs, because then when it leaves us, we often fall into into this pit. We go from high to low, from light to dark, and get sorta lost. This is been something I've been struggling with for since I can remember, and I keep having to remember to keep the Lord the center of my focus, and not on how things make me feel. Being a Christian isn't easy, and it says that in the bible. It's a choice we constantly have to make, to live for Him and obey his commandments, whether we love it or not. Remember that while in high school and as you move onto the rest of your life. Remember the bigger picture, and realize when you're focusing on the world or what makes you feel good instead of our Lord and His word. It's okay to feel really great about your relationship with Him, that's awesome, but if you hit a road block, don't let that bring you down. Praise Him through all stages and periods of life.

I know I'm not the only senior on this scary road to graduation and university, how are you all feeling? What tips do you have for surviving high school and what experiences caused you to learn? Leave a comment down below and don't forget to click that "notify me" button so we can continue the conversation.

Have a lovely week!


Monday, December 12, 2016

18 Things I've Learned in 18 Years

Hello friends,

The time has come to say goodbye to being a child and to say hello to adulthood. I mean, all I've done since turning 18 is eat like crap, make a mess of my room, and sleep in too late, so nothing has really changed, but now I can check I'm an adult on forums and elope, so that's something to be excited about. But really guys, I've been reflecting a lot on how life is changing and thinking about what I've learned. It's been 18 years, so I sure hope I've learned a few things. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been writing a few some stuff down and came up with a list (Whoa, a list of 18 things on your 18th birthday, what a coincidence!). I was hoping to have this up on my birthday last Friday, but life happens so you're getting this a bit late. But without anymore filler words, here's a list of 18 things I've learned in 18 years, and why they're kind of important.

1. Stop using "adulting" as an excuse. Adults have been "adulting" since the beginning of time and when you use that excuse for making mistakes and being too lazy, it makes more mature adults want to strangle you. Seriously, yeah life is hard, but stop making it sound like your generation of adults has it so much harder. You don't, you really really don't.

2. Yes, you do have time. There's never enough time to read your bible, catch up with friends, do your homework, and clean your room, but wow look at all the time there is to watch Netflix, eat cake, and binge read! Funny how that works,

3. It's okay to say no. Saying no is hard, I get it, but sometimes it just needs to happen. You can't do everything, you can't carry everyone's burdens. Learn to say no to more things so you can say yes to the things that really matter.

4. No person can fix you. Stop looking to significant others, friends, and family to fix you. No one can make you feel beautiful and loved forever. You need to accept yourself first and realize your worth comes from Christ, not the people around you.

5. Sleep is actually really important. Stop waiting till Midnight to write you midterm paper, stop watching Friends until 2am, stop reading until your eyes can't make out the words. Sleep is so so important for your health! Get things done before the wee hours of the night and give yourself some well deserved rest.

6. You're going to mess up a lot. You're not perfect, but guess what? No one is! Don't be proud, but don't carry around guilt either. Know when you're wrong, forgive yourself, apologize to those who deserve it, and confess you wrongdoings to God. You're not a failure, you're not a terrible person, you're just flawed like everyone else.

7. Take time to explore. Don't stay camped up in your room, go explore the world around you. Go for road trips, take that long hike, check out the tiny new bookstore. You're young, go explore while you still have the time. Breath in the fresh air, take lots of pictures, and pick the wild flowers.

8. God's way > your way. Sometimes God's way is a lot harder than your way, but it's so much better. Sometimes we think we know best, but we're always wrong. Spend time in prayer and listen for God's voice. Read the word and recognize how it applies to your life. Even when it's tough, stick to his commandments. Abiding in Him is so much greater than going your own way.

9. Don't do life alone. Look for close friends you can trust. Seek guidance from those who are older and wiser. Know you aren't alone, and ask for help when you need it. Don't deal with anxiety and depression alone, seek help and be honest about your feelings. Don't lock yourself away, talk to others and build healthy relationships.

10. Stop stressing over the little things. Stressing out is one of the easiest things to do in the world, but how often do we get so stressed out over little things and forget it the next day? Learn to let things go and realize that life doesn't always go your way. Remember that God always has a plan and purpose for the things that happen. Stop stressing, give your worries to God and relax.

11. Never be ashamed of your smile or laugh. If someone ever tells you that you laugh or smile too much, take that as a compliment. Smile often, laugh even more. Be joyful and give that joy to others. Laugh at the funny moments and the stressful ones. Smile to those who need it, and smile when you don't think you can.

12. Spend time with your family. Make time for you parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, or any family members you have to call your own. Don't take them for granted, grow those relationships and be thankful for them. Ask them questions, give them hugs, and tell them you love them before it's too late.

13. Make the little things count. Dance to your music without shame, pick flowers and put them on your desk to be admired, share hugs often, treasures handwritten notes and cards, and take pictures of moments, even if they don't seem significant. Make the most of every day.

14. Write stuff down. Life is busy and we forget so much stuff. Take time to write things down, small or big. Record what's happening in your life, talk about your feelings and interesting events. Keep the words you wrote down and look back at them often. Move on from your past, but don't forget it. Learn from it and take joy away from it.

15. Say yes to things that scare you. Never say no to things just because you're afraid you might fail. Take risks and try new things that challenge you. Learn from your failures, and try again. Fear is only in your mind, don't let it stop you from achieving your dreams.

16. Do hard things. Take care of your body and be mindful of what you put into it. Break away from harmful relationships. Be thankful in all seasons of life. Learn to do things yourself and not rely on others to do it for you. Step out of your comfort zone. Work hard on things instead of doing the minimum. Sit with the friendless. Do the things that are hard instead of what feels easiest.

17. Don't take insults to heart. People are going to say some mean things, treat you like a child, and completely ignore you. Don't take it to heart. Realize that you can't please everyone and others will look down on you. Don't fight hate with hate, but instead treat everyone with love and respect, even if you don't receive the same treatment.

18. Keep your relationship with Christ as your top priority. This is by far the most important lesson I've learned over the years, and it's something I continue to learn daily. Your relationship with Christ is the most important relationship you'll ever have. Make time for Him, pray often, reflect on His word, praise Him daily. Don't sacrifice this relationship for worldly wants.

Although these are lessons I believe to be important, I'm am continuously trying to apply them to my life, and am always learning new things outside of this list. Life is full of so many lessons to learn from and I can't wait to see what my future holds for me. So what lessons have you learned over the years? Why are they important? Let's chat down below, I always love hearing from you and discussing life. :)

Hoping you all have a wonderful week,


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hey There December

Hello friends,

It's December!! I know, I know, old news. I'm getting this post up late, but it's still kind of crazy. This month, four of my closet friends have birthdays, I'm turning 18 and Christmas!! December truly is a wonderful month, expensive and cold, but wonderful nonetheless. But guys, we only have one more month until this year is over. One more month to make this year count (no pressure or anything). It's kind of freaking me out, time is going by too fast and I need to pause it and get my life together before anything else happens. Anyhow, before I depress you all with my inner thoughts, let's get on to the wrap up.

Currently// Hurriedly writing papers and trying to get through finals week, hanging up Christmas lights and listening to holly jolly music, eating crappy but delicious food and not having any money, constantly cleaning my room and recleaning it, never having enough clean laundry, writing when I should be sleeping, and being tired. all. the. time.

Reading// Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. This is seriously such a wonderful book and I cannot wait to find time to sit down and consume it for hours. For now, I have to settle for reading it in my snippets of free time. Also, currently listening to The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater on audio. I loved the first three books and I really want to finish the finale, but I haven't had a lot of opportunities to sit down and listen to it.

Enjoying// Mikailah's post, Summer Girl // Poetry. Jacyrayn's post, Break Through. Adelaide's post, Waiting. Julia's post, Apart. Vanessa's post, Don't Just Watch {A Poem} And Eve's post, Ghosts.

Listening// So I've really been enjoying listening to the 2011 Jane Eyre soundtrack. Guys, it's so good and perfect for studying/reading/writing. I've also been really liking the Sweeney Todd soundtrack with Johnny Depp. It's such an odd, but fascinating story and the music is quite intense. And then of course, Christmas music has been playing practically daily, because once November 1st hits, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

Loving// Chocolate milk and McDonald's hash browns, because there is no better match. Lip syncing to musicals and wishing I had their talents. Doing well in my college classes and feeling a tad smarter than I did during the beginning of the quarter. Chicken bakes from Costco. Sitting by the fire with coffee and petting Murphy. My new black skinny jeans from American Eagle. And seeing everyone's updates on Twitter, they make my day that much better.

Disliking// Finals week and writing papers when you have no motivation. An unnamed person spilling chocolate milk all over my bed. Trying to interact with mechanics when you have no idea how cars work and what's happening. Early mornings, being late, and stepping in a deep puddle of muck. People telling me it's too early for Christmas celebrations. When its packaging says cream filling and it's actually gross powdery stuff.

Blogging// October Photo Dump, where I talk about random October happenings and share some photos. Art Journal Update #1, where I show you all a peak of my art journal and poetry. my air force man, where I write to my brother the words I couldn't say beforehand. Recommended Reads: Classic Literature, where I discuss why you should read classic literature and give you some suggestions. enough, where I write about being thankful in even the darkest moments. Things to Do on a Rainy Day, where I give you 10 awesome, somewhat productive things to do on a rainy day.

Upcoming// Christmas break!! Which means more blogging and catching up. My 18th birthday, coming soon on December 9th. Please send help, because it means I'm adult and I just want to sleep and eat potatoes.

Hoping// To write a lot more and possibly work on a project I've been wanting to act on for awhile. *evil smile* To really focus more on Jesus and reconnect with friends and family. To read books that are actually on my shelf, and stop buying new ones. To maybe work on redesigning parts of my blog. What do you guys think, yes? No? Does anyone have experience or suggestions they might want to give me, because I have really no talent when it comes to designing. I would so appreciate any help!

How was your November? Should I update my blog design? Are you getting pumped for Christmas? Let's chat down below!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend,


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