Friday, April 3, 2015

Currently // Happy Good Friday

Hello beautiful people,

How are you all on this wonderful Good Friday? Can you believe that Easter is right around the corner? It's crazy! 2015 is going by so quickly. I love Easter, though, so I'm quite excited it has arrived. I am hoping to get an Easter themed cupcake post up soon and hopefully get pictures taken of my Easter outfit. With that being said, I am so sorry for not posting much these last few weeks! It's been crazy busy for me. Not only have I been flooded with school, but I also started a new job tutoring, so my time has been filled up.

Today I just wanted to update you all on what I've been doing lately. Besides from working and doing homework, I've been enjoying reading some new books, attempting to paint, journaling, and working on some new blog ideas. Have any of you read All The Light We Cannot See? I've only been able to read a couple chapters, but I'm liking it so far. :) Let me know if you like it, or if you have any other book suggestions. I'm always up for discovering new books :)

I've also been painting a little. By no means am I any good, I just really enjoy it. It's one of those things I can do in whatever mood I'm in and is just so fun to me, I love being able to be creative and have the freedom to create whatever I want. Something about it is just so satisfying and relaxing, Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? I would love to become better at it too, though even if I don't, I'll probably keep doing it just because it's a pretty awesome pastime.

Journaling has been another think I've really been enjoying. To be honest, I have about ten journals laying around in my room. Some full, some empty, some half filled with lists, old dreams, and secrets I had long forgotten. When I found this sparkly journal at T.J.Maxx, I knew I had to buy it, even when I have about 3 other empty journals in the bottom of my desk drawer. It's been the perfect journal to write in at night and get everything off of my mind. Seriously, if you have a hard time sleeping because you can't turn your brain off, trying writing down whatever is in you mind at night, it really helps!

Although it may not seem like I've been blogging or reading any of your guys post, I promise I have! As I said before, I've just been so busy, so I haven't had the time to comment much or post anything, but I am working on some new posts so there will be more coming soon! :) Hopefully my schedule will slow down and I can become more active. I have been reading all you comments, too. You guys really make my day. If it wasn't for you guys, it would be so hard to keep on blogging. I'm so thankful I have such sweet followers, I love you 

With love,



  1. Hey Elizabeth! :)

    It's really crazy how quickly 2015 is going by. I've been like you- SO busy!

    Oh, how I wish I could paint! Your painting is quite pretty. :) I'll leave art to my sister, she's so good at it! Visual arts just aren't my thing, though. I understand what you're talking about as far as enjoying the freedom and creativity though, that's how I feel whenever I dance. It's so freeing, it's just wonderful! :):):)

    Journaling is so great, too. It helps so much!! Lately I've been writing constantly- I'm surprised I haven't emptied every pen I own! ;)

    Been missing you! I totally understand about the busyness though. I haven't been commenting much, either. When I saw your post though, I had to comment. Your blog is one of my favorites! :):):)

    Much love,
    Grace Anne <3

    1. Aw you're the sweetest :) Thank you for this awesome comment, Grace :)

  2. Journaling is the best! And your painting so very pretty!


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