Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hey There September

Hello there,

As summer is drawing ever so close to the end and the leaves turn crisp under my feet, I continue to refuse that September is here. Not because I dislike fall, I rather enjoy it actually! No, because fall means new beginnings and change coming my way. Although that can be exciting, it is also very stressful and nerve racking. But September is here, and I'm kind of still in a daze. How did it sneak up on us so quick? Yeah yeah, everyone says that, but that goes to show you how true that statement is. Here's what is happening in my life this September.

Currently// Attempting to run around my local high school and community college, trying to figure out how to register for Running Start classes. Trying to find a job to sustain myself. Stressing over how to juggle school, responsibilities, social life, and hobbies. 

Reading// Empire by Night by Kelley Armstrong, the sequel to Sea of Shadows. I've been in kind of a slumpy mood, so I haven't read too far. I'm excited to see the story continue though! And The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Saw this at my used bookstore for $2 and couldn't resist. So far I'm really enjoying it and find it quite unique. 

Enjoying// Elissa's blog post, i am a gossip. Cally's blog post, not too far, and Madyson's blog post, a few words if you feel like you can't make the cut. 

Listening// The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Studio Cast Recording) by Alan Menken. This is an awesome new musical based off of Victor Hugo's book and the Disney Movie. It has some of its own original songs and the cast is so talented. I highly recommend!

Watching// Chopped has become a new weird obsession of mine. I've never been one for cooking shows, but this one is so addicting! It's super dramatic, kind of staged, and pretty ridiculous, but I love watching it. Anyone else? Please?

Loving// Nighttime cups of peppermint tea, browsing stores full of old books, kisses from my dear little puppy, late nights full of laughter and card games with wonderful friends, and smokey campfires by the lake.

Disliking// Driver's who don't use their blinkers (WHY??), charging cords that last barely three months, overpriced coffee when running on only a few hours of sleep, trying to turn left during rush hour, and waiting for my library's audio books to become available.

How are you feeling this September? Please don't say I'm the only one obsessed with Chopped, anyone with me on that?

With love,



  1. bahaaa love your entire dislike area there like SO TRUE

    but CHOPPED YES I LIKE CHOPPED but I kinda am addicted to cutthroat kitchen not gonna lie. xD

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the Hunchback soundtrack SO MUCH. I think I'll go listen to it for the millionth time. XD

  3. I can't believe it's September either :) I really love fall (NOT AS MUCH AS SUMMER) but it's still so strange to think that we're already heading into fall.
    Campfires by a lake sound so blissful <3

  4. Hey Elizabeth! I nominated you for the Ultimate Writer Tag on my blog, Spreading My Joy here:

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

  5. I feel you on the struggle to juggle school, social, hobbies, and responsibilities - it's so hard sometimes.

    And yes to stores full of old books, and nights with friends. :) Hope you have a great September! xx


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