Monday, February 2, 2015

A Sonnet for a Scion

Why must you always run out of my gas?
So shiny and so boxy and so fast.
You barely fit my big brother's sass.
Or all the peoples' extremely weird past.

I never have to drive over a curb,
Or carelessly sideswipe into a bridge.
It's so much smaller then my big ole burb,
And barely much larger than my fridge.

But still, I will want you forever more
Because you get me every where I need to go
And never cause my butt to become sore.
Oh silver Scion, how I love you so.

So please don't leave me or go away.
I would cry and cry. So listen, okay?


  1. This. This made me laugh. Ahahaha. <3

  2. I laughed so hard! Thank you for that <3
    I love your blog (and name) Elizabeth; definitely am going to follow.

    xxJordan Sky


okay so this is how it works : you read my blog, comment and i reply. then you respond and so forth. they make my day and bring a smile - thanks so much <3

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