Monday, March 9, 2015

Restore Your Joy In Me // The Gospel

Hello friends,

Taking things for granted, we all do it! We all do it way more then we should. I often try to reflect on life and all that I have, yet there are so many every day things I don't think about, but if I didn't have, my life would be so completely different then it is now. I am sure you can all relate with that! It is something I hate that I do and wish so badly that I wouldn't, yet I do over and over again. It is angering! Why can't I change and be appreciative for all that I have and was so lovingly given without doing anything of worth? 

I think one of the biggest struggles I have is taking the gospel for granted. You can choose to disagree and say that you would never do such a thing, but think about it. For me, I have grown up in a christian family. I read my bible almost everyday, go to church and work in Sunday school, I use to attend AWANA and now attend a private christian school for homeschoolers. I think I know it all! The gospel is something I hear hundreds of times I know the story by heart and could quote quite a few verses along with it, but somewhere along the way, I forgot what I am actually preaching.

I am preaching a story of love and sacrifice. Love and sacrifice for me, for you, for everyone! Yet, I am being blinded by my own cockiness and so called knowledge of it, and forget the real meaning of it.

Us Christians often do this! We know all about the bible and what it has to teach. Whenever the preacher starts talking about how Christ died for us, we begin to mouth along not realizing the pure joy and excitement is should be giving us. 

This is wrong.

Christ, the perfect son of God, who, I will say again, was perfect, died for us. Why? Because He had an unending, unobtainable, unstoppable love for us. For all of us. Every single one of us filthy humans who can never seem to get anything right. He was Sacrificed so we could have a relationship with Him. How can I just skip over that? How can I not be full of joy, and sorrow, for all that He has done for me? I am so ashamed.

Lord, restore the joy of your salvation within me and help me never take this amazing love you have for me for granted.

With love,



  1. Hi, I totally get the 'almost immune to the real POWER behind the gospel that you have been describing. It's good to be reminded of the Utter Love and Self Sacrifice that Jesus gave for me and you and everyone. Know that you are loved and accepted. The very fact that you have acknowledged, honestly how you are feeling shows that Jesus Christ is truly alive in you. Sometimes it's good to draw back, a little, from our commitments. Focus on Jesus the source of our strength and take time to build up our 'inner man'. We can only give out if we are healthy within. I pray that you will be strengthened in your faith, rested and renewed. Remember "God has plans to build you up and prosper you, not to harm you". Allow Him to carry you, reconnect with your first love and even you will be surprised at what "GOD can do through you". Sammie

    1. Thank you for this awesome comment! :) I totally agree with you, and I appreciate your prayers <3

  2. It's so true that after hearing or doing the same thing over and over again we no longer realise the significance of it. It's nice that you're stopping to realise that.

    The Life of Little Me

  3. Yeah buddy! <3 I like to read over Psalm 51:10 is a really good verse for this. :-)

  4. How true...we so easily take the message of the gospel for granted! Thank you for this reminder <3


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