Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Travel Diary: Baker Lake

Hello friends,

I'm back! The past four weeks have been crazy, but an awesome kind of crazy. Although summer have been flying by (say's everyone and their mother), it's been a great one. God has blessed me so much with all the wonderful experiences and amazing friends that have filled my summer. Today I'm here to show you one of the camping trips I've been on. I had such great time! My family and two other good family friends of ours all went camping at Baker Lake. It's a tradition that's been going on for five years now. We always reserve the same spot every year, a quiet place right next to the water. It's basically perfect. 

Did I mention that this place was beautiful? Since our campsite is right next to the water, we can push our kayaks easily into the lake and quickly paddle over to these amazing views of the mountains. I love kayaking in the morning with all the mist covering the mountains, but being out on the water is also stunning in the evenings when you can see the complete beauty of the hills. The first mountain you see, the large one with all the snow, is called Mount Baker, hence the name Baker Lake. All year round it's covered in snow and always makes for a pretty photo. 

When we're not kayaking, you can probably find us swimming or sitting by the fire. Our campsite has a rope swing and it's a blast! Although the water is a bit cold, I can't help but not swing into the lake at least once or twice. We also take out the inner tubes and swim around, because my family kind of sucks at swimming and we need assistance. It's kind of silly looking, so let's move on.

What would camping be without campfires? It would be a crime if you went back home without smelling like smoke. Also, it saves my skin from multiple red, itchy dots. Seriously, mosquitoes, I'm pretty sure, are demons in their physical form. They're awful! I've come to find I'm irresistible to them, so when there's a fire, I'm standing right there. I also read and played a lot of card games over the course of this trip. Thank you Lord for friends who don't tire of my predictable ways and stubbornness to not change them (or at least don't show they're tired of them).

Also, there's lots of forest that you can run around in while playing cops and robbers, or take a relaxing morning stroll. This is probably where all my mosquito bites come from, but it's peaceful nonetheless. It rains a lot here in Western Washington and I'm so thankful for it and the greenery it creates. I think forests and trees are beautiful, and if it wasn't for all the rain we get, our state wouldn't be nearly us lush and green.

This was Murphy's first official camping trip. He was a great camper and we all had so much fun playing with him, watching him test the waters, and taking him on our kayaks. He is so darn cute stuffed in those small boats, sometimes he'll even squeeze down into the tip of it and take a little nap. It's pretty adorable.

And there you have it, that's my camping trip to Baker Lake. It was a grand ole time and I'm excited to be sharing a piece of it with ya'll. Have you been on any fun trips this summer? Let me know down in the comments below.

With love,



  1. What a gorgeous post narrated by awesome description! Maybe I'll make it out there one day!

  2. Tt looks like a really nice location! Yes, I like those foggy mornings, and sitting/standing around a campfire is great too.. And I see you're reading Salt to the Sea! How are you finding it? Have you read Ruta Sepetys other books?

    1. It really is, I love it there. And yes, it's amazing!! I think it is probably the best book I've read all year. I haven't read any of her other books yet, but I'm planning to. :)

  3. This looks so gorgeous! I adore your photos. <3

  4. I literally saw the first photo and stopped breathing.
    You live in such a wonderful state.

  5. Your photos are stunning! I love going camping! I've never been to Baker Lake, it's a good ways away from where I live. :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. Aw thanks! Yes it takes us a little while to get there too, but it's totally worth it :)


    can i come with you sometime??!

    1. Of course! I'll put you on the calendar for next year ;)

    2. works for me!! xD Can I bring a sister?? hehee

    3. Only if you bring enough food to share, then we might permit it. hahah

  7. THAT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE GAHHH. All those pictures made me want to go there so bad. I love mountains and camping and outdoors and the way you described it sounded perfect <3 Washington must be a beautiful state. I WANT TO GO THERE NOW. :)

  8. oh these photos are just gorgeous!! I haven't been camping in years, eeep, but it's so pretty to go near mountains/lakes. AND AHHH yes! Campfires are like a must right?! And your dog is super cute. :D
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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