Friday, April 7, 2017

Hey There April


Wow, it's April, April!! I'm not quite sure where all the time has gone, seriously it feels like March went by in a flash. The first half of March was spent stressing over finals and the SATs, and then the second half was spent working and enjoying spring break. Now it's April and I'm back at it with school. But March, although as fast as it went by, it was quite an enjoyable month. Even with stressful finals, it was nice to check off a lot of stuff off my to-do list. I'm quite looking forward to April as well, along with the upcoming months. A lot of exciting things are happening (awesome classes, weddings, new jobs) and I'm pretty pumped to share a few of my life happenings with all you lovely people this spring.

Currently// housesitting for Elissa's family and chilling with her adorable dog, taking some awesome new classes at my community college, face timing Julia just because she's awesome, low key in love with my new blog design, attempting to create a pretty note-taking system for art history, trying to catch up on school so I can graduate, taking senior pictures, and writing a mini novel in verse (maybe).

Reading// A Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood and let me tell you, I'm really not a fan. The writing, although not bad, is not the type of style I enjoy, the main character is very distant and the narrative is just super odd. The story itself is also just not my favorite. I then started Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte and wow I'm in love and only 40 pages in. I adore Anne's style of writing and Agnes herself is such a real character. So far so good.

Listening// I've been listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack nonstop lately. I went and saw the movie a couple weeks ago with a friend, and then my mom and I went and saw it again while on our trip in Portland, and I fell in love with it even more. Classic music, plus the 2017 version has Obi Wan singing so obviously it's fantastic. 

Enjoying// Julia's post, where is the beauty (because whoa she is so talented and gives me all the feels). Elissa's post, hey there tired soul (because everyone needs to hear these words). Addy's post, two months (because everything about this was breathtaking). Raquel's post, The Righteous In This City (because God is good and it was so thought provoking). Cally's post, hope (because everything she writes makes me cry and I love her). And Clara's post, fragile (because so much scary truth).

Loving// spontaneous facetimes with awesome people, sunny days giving me excuses to wear sandals, road-trips with my lovely mother, bookstores that take up an entire block, buying new sweaters because discounts, Carl's Jr.'s waffle fries, starting new art journals, and spring break allowing me to sleep in and relax a little bit.

Disliking// rush hour traffic, yummy french fries making me fat, starting school again and forcing myself to wake up early, scaring myself by watching criminal minds before I go to bed, forgetting to pack food and my stomach making scary noises during class, headaches, and excessive ammounts of rainy days. 

Blogging// Hey There March, where I talk about my February happenings and March goals. Blessed is the One Whom God Corrects // Job 3-5, where I talk about Job and how God uses trials to shape us. And Top Five Winter Reads + Reading Stats, where I talk about my favorite reads of the past few months and how my reading year is going.

Hoping// to figure out how each of my classes work, get my SAT scores back, find out if I get accepted to my top college, force myself to work out more, eat out less, join a small group and dig deeper into God's word, and laugh more than I roll my eyes. 

How was your March? Any exciting spring break trips coming up (or ones that already happened?) And seriously can you believe it's April already? Guys where is the time going, this year is going by crazy fast.

Have a wonderful weekend,



  1. Beauty and the Beast! ❤


  2. I love the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack!
    Have a nice April :-)

  3. These posts are my actual favorites.

    Why oh why must fries make us fat??? XD


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