Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hey There March


Well well well, look at that, it's almost spring! Can we all just take a minute and realize how crazy that is? Seriously, two months have already passed, yet I continue to call 2017 the new year. I'm nearing the end of the quarter, with only one week left of classes and then college finals! (yay but also not). I'm really looking forward to this March, though. Sure, I have finals and will be taking the SAT, but I also get a few weeks of break, plenty of time to relax and read, a possible road trip, and find out whether or not I'm going to university next year. It's safe to say March will be a good month, or so I hope. But still, IT'S MARCH like how?? I can't get over it.

Currently// Housesitting far away from home and spending time with two adorable pups, eating way too many pop tarts and not enough carrots, dealing with Washington's extreme bipolar weather, approaching finals week and freaking out because nope, writing way too little and watching Netflix way too much, being awkward every time I pass someone anywhere and pretend to suddenly be super interested in the ground, and drinking mango smoothies whenever I get the chance.

Reading// Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake and honestly guys I'm really disappointed with it. It sounded SO good yet all it has is semi good writing, terrible pacing, way too many side characters, and really disturbing relationships and insta love. Also, Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco, which I'm also not loving so far. I find the writing to be very immature, the love interest to have no character whatsoever, and the protagonist to be inconsistent. But the atmosphere of this book is so cool and I love how creepy and gruesome it is (don't judge I promise I'm not a creep).

Listening// I'm been listening to the soundtrack of Sweeney Todd nonstop lately. I'm not sure what it is, but I find it to be perfect reading/writing music. I'm also really into my God Time Playlist over on my spotify. It's a wonderful way to start off my day while on the way to school, or while getting ready to go. Singing praises to God always starts my day off right.

Enjoying// Julia's post, You Gotta Do It (because wow she is so inspiring and beautiful). Aimee's post, I'm Tired of YA (because yes this is everything i've been thinking in a post). Elissa's post, Being Raw in a Pulled-Together World (because wow she gets me every time and i love her). Cally's post, Keep Hope / new, old (because guys everything she writes is gorgeous and makes my heart sing). And Sarah's post, Flashback Alert || Childhood - Do You Remember? (because whoa so many childhood memories and feelings).

Loving// Drinking pomegranate juice and freaking others out by making them think I'm drinking red wine, writing snippets of poetry during class lectures, girl scout cookies and their sent from heaven thin mints, cuddles with Murphy while watching Friends and drinking tea, face-timing with Elissa and Julia and squealing about life, nice police officers who apologize for pulling me over, and the smell of fresh cucumber skin products.

Disliking// Preparing for finals week, showing up to housesit and realizing there is no coffee maker, going a week without Murphy kisses, books with cringe worthy romances, sun turning to rain turning to snow turning to mush turning to rain turning to snow, being cold all the darn time, mean drivers who don't let me merge onto the freeway, and living thousands of miles away from Julia and not being able to go on adventures with her all the time.

Blogging// Hey There February, where I say hello to February and discuss what's been happening. Chats Over Coffee #2 // On Vulnerability, where I talk about why vulnerability is important and how you can incorporate it into your life. And I'm a Bad Blogger // Tired Eyes and No Words, where I vent about being a bad blogger and confess how much I miss everyone.

Hoping// To crush my finals and end with a bang, study well for my SATs and get them over with, get accepted into my dream university, write with more intention, spend more time reading and less time staring at a screen, journal small snippets of my day, and be joyful in all circumstances.

How was your February? Can you believe it's March already? Guys I now I say that in every wrap up but whoa time is going by so quickly! If you don't mind, I may just go hide in a hole for a few days and contemplate my life. Anyone with me?

Have a wonderful week,



  1. awww, you mentioned my post - thx, girl <33

    and lolol i heard about the police officer thing that happened *laughs* that is like the scariest/best thing xD

    hope your finals go well!!

    sarah » the introverted extrovert

  2. I'm definitely going to be one to stay with your blog. I just read one post, and this is literally my first time visiting your blog. But I have a feeling that this is a blog I'll enjoy. So I hope you like having me here, because I'll be here for quite a while :)

  3. Awesome post! Your "Currently" section sounds like my life rn. Except the housitting and watching puppys! That sounds soooo incredibly fun! Lovely post, as always, Elizabeth! <3

  4. Oh my yes, can I join you in the hole? This is the third month of 2017, and I literally started writing 2015 in my journal yesterday.

    But I enjoyed reading this recap. :) I hope March goes well for you! The road trip sounds like fun, and I hope your finals and SATs go well. I had to laugh at your drinking pomegranate juice story too - I might have to take it up. ;) Also that photo, did you take it? It's really pretty. xx

  5. are you trying to make me cry. cuz bro. i'm tearing up
    also why are you so perfect at writing these posts
    and POOR MURPHY. I bet he misses you so much
    also im still crying

  6. I'm over here wondering about Washington's bipolar weather, too. I almost stepped on a snake yesterday which was totally unexpected since there's still snow on the ground. Snakes and snow??? Because that is normal.

  7. Great post! I was interested in Three Dark Crowns at first, but after several bad reviews I decided not to read it. As for Stalking Jack the Ripper, I actually liked that one, but I do see what you mean. There's another book that's kind of similar to Stalking Jack the Ripper, except I think it's written a lot better. It's called These Shallow Graves :-)

    Good luck on your finals!


  9. I caannooott bELIEVE that I did not comment on this post yet (actually, i can. hahaaa). I'm taking the SAT this Saturday! i'm a little nervous, whoops. so i'm going to be spending the whole week studying for it. squee.
    i always love hearing what you're up to! xxx i'm secretly a fan of all spotify playlists so i gave yours a follow.
    x loves.



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