Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Summer Bucket List

Hello there,

Here we are, almost a month into summer, and I'm just now thinking about my summer bucket list. Sad, right? But despite the constant demand of school and work, I still have some fun plans for this summer and I'm excited! A lot of things are changing next year and some of my good friends are leaving on their own life adventures, so I want to make this summer special and memorable. Below are 30 different things I aspire to finish this summer. If you're curious on my progress, continue to check back! I'll be crossing off each item every time I finish it, and I'll link a blog post or instagram photo that documents the event.

i. hike fragrance lake. i discovered this lake online last year, and ever since i've been super curious. it looks a bit difficult, but it has a really cool viewpoint and then a lake you can walk around and swim in.

ii. jump off the boardwalk. there's an adorable small town near my house that has a board walk people enjoy jumping off of. i've always wanted to try it, so maybe this summer i will.

iii. explore seattle like a tourist. even though i live less than two hours away from seattle, i've never truly discovered it. this summer i'll be grabbing a couple friends and exploring it like a true tourist.

iv. go sunrise hiking. mornings are not my favorite, but sunrises and breakfast dates with a good friend make it worth the early wake up.

v. roadtrip to vancouver. another major city not too far away from me that i haven't explored.

vi. buy a homeless person a meal. there's not a lot of homeless people in my city, but there are a few. hopefully this summer i can find an opportunity to share kindness, warm food, and the love of Jesus.

vii. finish book. i've secretly been writing a book but it's very short and undeveloped. may or may not be about a girl and a boy and may or may not be in verse.

viii. play messy twister. this just looks really fun and full of laughs.

ix. go to a drive-in movie. still haven't experienced this classic summer activity, so maybe this year will be the year.

x. use a polaroid. i won a polaroid last summer and have only used it once. this summer i'd like to use it more and update my bulletin board.

xi. pay for the person behind me in the drive thru. this has happened to me once and i would like to return to favor. 100 percent made my day.

xii. go camping. i love camping, but like fire and tent camping. in the wilderness, with marshmallows, the sounds of nature, and friends that are more like sisters.

xiii. take a road trip once school is out. i'm taking summer courses onlinc, so life right now doesn't permit for road trips. once finals are over though, i'm hopping in that car.

xiv. try paddle boarding. this just looks like such a blast, but honestly i'll probably fall 100x.

xv. go sunset kayaking. on a lake, with a good friend, and deep conversations.

xvi. discover new hikes in the north cascades. i love living close to such a beautiful place and i must take more advantage of it.

xvii. try snow goose produce. a super popular ice cream place just an hour away from my house.

xviii. go to a swing dance. call me a classic homeschooler, but i've been convinced swing dancing is not half bad.

xix. try nature watercoloring. i found the perfect watercoloring book with techniques on how to paint nature. now i must put it into action.

xx. go berry picking. i love berries and i love getting a tan. a win/win situation.

xxi. pick wild flowers and make a crown. because wild flowers are absolutely gorgeous and flower crowns make for the most beautiful pictures.

xxii. buy a hammock and go hammocking. this is a trend i'm totally into now and i kind of really really want to try it out. instagram will probably see it first.

xxiii. bake wild berry muffins. there are so many wild berries around my house and i love muffins, so i think it's really just a match made in heaven.

xxiv. go tubing. it's been awhile since i've done this and i'd really like to do it again.

xxv. play kick the can. such a classic camping game.

xxvi. watch parent trap. this use to be my go-to movie, it just gives me all the summer vibes.

xxvii. have a picnic. complete with turkey sandwiches, lemonade, chips, and cupcakes. and of course i can't forget the checkered blanket.

xxviii. visit the farmer's market. believe it or not, i've actually never been to a farmer's market. i'd like to support my local farmers and businesses though, so this is a must.

xxiv. make homemade popsicles. because more fun and way healthier.

xxx. play putt putt golf. i use to hate putt putt golf as a little kid, but now i find it a lot of fun, especially if there are good friends and ice cream involved.

What about you? What are your ambitions for this summer? Leave me a comment down below and let me know. Hopefully I'll be able to complete at least half of my list, I'd be happy with that ;)

Have a wonderful rest of your day,



  1. Lovely bucket list! <3<3<3

  2. This is a wonderful bucket list!

  3. I'm coming to spent the rest of the summer with you THIS LIST IS JUST AH. perfection. legit.

  4. okay can i just like join you on all of these? haha! THESE ARE SO GOOD THOUGH. I hope you can accomplish all your goals!

  5. All these activities sound so fun! I definitely want to go camping this Summer, but so far responsibilites have gotten in the way. Still hope, though. There's something perfect about the forest and everything about camping, except for the sleeping on the ground part.

    Also, I'm going to get a kayak and go kayaking a few times.

  6. This looks like such a fun bucket list!!!

  7. Ahhh this sounds like the most perfect summer. I hope you get the chance to do it all!

  8. Hey....I would be more than happy to join you for some of these. Just saying. ;)


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