Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hey There July

Hey friends,

It's July, and here I am, eight days in, still working on my wrap up post. Classic Lizzy, am I right? But because I delayed so long, I'm able to use a firework photo, so truly I think my procrastination benefitted us all. Speaking of fireworks, how was everyone's Independence Day? I absolutely love July 4th, and although I had to work in the morning, it was still a beautiful day full of laughter, friendship, smoke, BBQ, smiles, and peace. Always a wonderful way to start off the summer.

Currently// Laughing a lot because summer makes me happy, working and smelling like french fries 24/7, taking summer courses through my local community college because I apparently hate myself, rediscovering the joys of biking, living in a very messy room, loving my planner beyond my wildest dreams, and dreaming of many summer adventures.

Reading// The Amulet Series by Kazu Kibuishi. This is a middle grade graphic novel series and it's absolutely wonderful! I've read up to book five so far and I just love the adventure you get to follow and the beautiful artwork. 10/10 would recommend.

Enjoying// (hey it's me just wanting to say that so many of you had such amazing posts this month and if i could, i would give 20++++ shoutouts, but here are just a few of my faves). Cally's desperation binds with hope (because the emotions that wash off the words drown me in feels every time). Amanda's When God Doesn't Fix it (because sometimes God's plan is different than our own, and always is it better), Demi's Being Pulled 100 Different Directions (because Demi is the absolute sweetest and has brought such rich wisdom into my life), Hannah's Get Comfortable With Feeling Uncomfortable (because life is not about being in our own little happy bubble), Elissa's chasing pink sky (because wow we don't deserve grace, yet we've been given it), and Olivia's excerpts of life (because her writing just feels like summer and sweet laughter).

Loving// Sleeping under the stars and fireworks, smelling like smoke after the roasting of marshmallows, sweet old people who always have something nice to say, iced coffee in my hand and wind in my hair, waking up to the birds chirping, spontaneous sunset adventures with close friends, deep talks over coffee, and berry picking during warm summer evenings.

Disliking// How much summer classes are taking over my life, rude customers who just won't sit anywhere I tell them to, the lack of puppy cuddles I've been getting, working during the 4th of July, people telling me I am in fact not blonde anymore, and my family going on camping trips that I can't be a part of (seriously guys, rude).

Blogging// Hey There June, where I talk about what happened in May and the upcoming month of June; Life Right Now, where I share some pretty major things that happened in my life and give ya'll a mini update; and On Change, Being Left Behind, and Finding God's Voice, where I talk about life not always going as planned and learning how to let God truly lead me.

Hoping// To figure out this time management thing so I'm not working so hard to juggle school and work, find a good college group for bible study, spend more time with friends, get back in the groove of blogging, find a book that makes me fall in love with reading again, and actually check a few things off my summer bucket list.

How was your June? Any plans/hopes for this July? Summer is such a peaceful time of year, don't forget to take advantage of the season, enjoy some time outdoors, and laugh a lot with friends and family by your side.

Have a lovely day,


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  1. I always love these posts! I especially love your recommendations- they send me to so many more great posts!

    Have a lovely July, Elizabeth. I hope it's filled with lots of joy. <3


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