Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bitter Bites


Today I come to you with a poem I wrote. It's probably not the best you'll ever read, but I had fun writing it and thought I'd share. It's inspired by a memorable meal I had when I was 10. My grandma, who was the sweetest and most caring lady ever, had just died. My best friends mom tired to make a replica of my favorite meal that my grandma always made. We still laugh about it today, and I just love how she tried to make me feel better, it was so sweet. xoxo 


her bouncy strawberry blonde hair,
much like my grandma's
sits and watches the silver container
full of bubbly gray goo.
her mouth lovingly blabbers about,
how we much not lie,
how we must yield to one another. 
she thinks our friendship is breaking,
like ice cracking under the weight.
my friend, her mom
anxiously watch me as i take my first bite.
but I take another, and another
remembering my smiling grandma,
who always prepared me my favorite meal.
dough so soft,
it melted in your mouth.
chicken so tender,
its taste lingered on your tongue
like a song that wouldn't stop repeating in your head.
but as she was laid to rest
where the radiant sun would never fail to shine,
and the vibrant flowers bloom daily,
i was left with a burnt bitter taste in my mouth,
and powdery dough that refused to be swallowed
that not even the panting dogs,
that begged under my feet,
ventured to take a bite. 



okay so this is how it works : you read my blog, comment and i reply. then you respond and so forth. they make my day and bring a smile - thanks so much <3

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