Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Favorites

Hello lovelies,

With January being almost over, I thought I'd share my monthly favorites with you all. I'm still trying to comprehend that January is almost over though! Excuse me for being cliche, but wow it sure went by fast. This month has been stressful, yet rewarding, with the end of semester and science fair, but a new year and new semester are here and I'm ready to make the best of it. So anyways, here are my favorites this month. ;)

Movie// I've always loved musicals, but recently that is all I want to watch. The Sound of Music has been my most beloved movie for so long, and this month was no exception. The music never gets old, plus I love the costumes. If you have never seen it, you must drop whatever you're doing right now, stop reading my little rant, and start watching it!

Book// In English class this month we've been learning poetry. It's never something I've been into before, but that was just because I really hadn't read much of it. I have fallen in love though! I picked out a few different types of poetry books at my library, as you saw in a past post of mine, but 100 Essential Modern Poems has been one I can't stop flipping through. There are so many different, yet beautiful poems in its pages, I strive to be able to write like some of those poets some day.

Writing// As I shared in my "Lately" post, I love writing to do lists and different types of schedules. I actually have my February blog schedule ready to go. I'm quite excited too :) I've been using Bic's permanent markers for my planning. I love how bright and fun the colors are, they just pop right out of the page! They cause me to want to get everything done, which is great motivation for me since after my homework is finished, all I want to do is sleep or watch Netflix.

Body// For my birthday and Christmas last month, I got tons of different perfumes, but my Live Your Life one by AEO is by far my favorite! It lasts all day and smells fruity with a little bit of musk, but it's not so strong were it causes me a headache. It has definitely been my go to perfume this month. Plus, it's a roller so it is easier to apply, at least in my opinion. 

Face// I love blush! It is one makeup product I rarely leave the house without. It just adds so much color to my face and helps me not look as pale and blank. Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin has been my most worn this month. I love how it's a cream blush and the color just works well right now with my skin tone, at least I hope so and I'm not walking around looking terrible. :P

Lips// I really enjoy lipstick and the many different and fun colors there are. Lately though, I've been to rushed to think about adding any, and my eos lip balms have become my new best friends. It doesn't really change your appearance, but they're super moisturizing. My lips have been chapped all month so this product kind of saved me from going insane.

Food// Now don't get me wrong from this picture, I love my carbs and sugar, but recently, one of my favorite things to put together at home is a yummy ranch salad. I've been adding tomatoes or grapes, carrots, onions or cucumber, feta cheese, and grilled chicken. It's just so good and filling, plus it makes me feel like I'm somewhat healthy so that is always nice.

What are some of your January favorites? Can you believe how fast this month has gone?

Hope you all have a wonderful day,



  1. Haha, I'm the total opposite, I feel like it's been ages since New Years! That salad looks delicious. I like to put avocados and dried cranberries in mine.

    1. Haha really? The months always seem to go by so fast for me.
      Mmm I love avocados, that would be good too,

  2. I adore musicals too and this month I'm in love with Ernest Hemingway's A Movable Feast and it's now one of my favourite books! xx

    1. Oh sweet! They're the best :)
      I haven't read that yet, I'm gonna have to check it out!

  3. I LOVE the Sound of Music! I'm sure you saw the version with Carrie Underwood in it...I honestly liked that version a little better. Which did you like the best, if you have seen the live version?
    Oh, and I love blush as well...:)

    1. Oh really? I much prefer the older one, but the live one was good too! I also love the different plays, so yeah I'm kind of obsessed. ;)
      Isn't it nice? I love almost anything Maybelline really.


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