Sunday, July 3, 2016

Current Obsessions

Hamilton// Hamilton the musical is the best thing that has happened to the U.S. in a long time. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a tad, but seriously guys, it's amazing. If somehow you've not heard about it (How?? It's won a Grammy and like half of the Tony awards!!), this musical follows the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of our Founding Fathers. It's surprisingly wonderful, fun, and very addictive. It's basically all I've listened to for the past five months.

Zucchini// This is such a random thing to put down, but I'm loving some good fried up zucchini with avocado oil and onions. It tastes amazing and it's a vegetable, so better to be obsessed with that than say, chocolate cake.

Murphy// I love him so much! He is the fluffiest, cutest thing to ever walk the planet and I never want him to grow old. If you haven't seen this blog post, you may have no idea what I'm talking about. Murphy is our brand new, stinking adorable golden retriever puppy. He's a rascal and an idiot, but a very cute rascal and idiot.

Lipstick// I tend to keep my beauty routine pretty minimal. There's always been too much coffee to drink and too little time to drink it for me to bother putting on lipstick. Recently though, I've been trying out a few different shades. It adds something different to your look and I've been enjoying experimenting with it. I've been learning how not to wear lipstick by looking at my old middle school pictures. Not good guys, not good.

Quotes// Lately, I've been keeping a journal to document all the quotes I find on the internet through blogs and pinterest, or books I'm reading at the moment. I sometimes even write down what I heard someone say, or what I see on a billboard. It's nice to have a place to keep beautiful words, where I can flip through it whenever I want to gain inspiration.

BookOutlet// This site is a magical place full of popular, brand new, beautiful books for much less than they are sold anywhere else. Granted, they have select titles in stock, but only a certain amount, and you can't always find what you're looking for. But really, you can find so many great pickings and it's like a never ending hole. I can't leave that site without purchasing something.

Flannels// The perfect flannel is like that baby blanket you had as a kid. You know, the one you could never let go? I've been wearing my favorite flannel nonstop. My grandma just had to sew up a rip in it, and now there's another. It's quite heartbreaking, but I'm dealing with it.

Criminal Minds// This show has been my jam! It was one of the shows my older brother use to watch when we were younger and visiting the grandparents, and it really freaked me out. Granted, it still really freaks me out but I like it way too much to stop watching it. Instead, I'm just making a list of things never to do, like being alone, driving a car, talking to someone I don't know, going on hikes, walking around the city, working a day job. You know, just basic things I can live without.

What are you currently obsessing over?

With love,



  1. I love this and I totally might steal it (so sorry, not sorry)
    Hamilton is gold.
    And now Zucchini sounds wonderful.

  2. I love this post!!! I'm obsessing over the Jane Eyre Soundtrack. ;) Camp Nano.. OH AND THE GIVER.

    Jonas. nuf said

    1. Oh now I want to go and listen to it. And yessa Jonas <3

  3. can I just remind you how much I love your blog? I was introduced to Hamilton this weekend because my dear cousin told me about how she listened to the entire soundtrack on sunday and danced for 30 entire minutes, singing every word.
    And fannels are the greatest.

  4. HAMILTON!!!!!!!! My constant obsession. *quietly sobs over Lin, Pippa, and Leslie leaving*

    Huh, I've never really tried zucchini! Now I want to try it!

    Murphy is the cutest thing on earth <3

    " I've been learning how not to wear lipstick by looking at my old middle school pictures. Not good guys, not good." Looking at my middle school photos is how I learn not to do everything.


    ..BookOutlet sounds like the best thing ever.

    It's way too hot here for flannels, but oh how I love them <3


    I've been obsessed with NCIS, cheesecake, and this post <3

    1. Your comment brings me joy ;) you're so sweet!! And yes cheesecake and NCIS, both so great.

  5. mmmmm zucchini is literally one of my favorite summer foods. I'm not really sure why, but probably because of the way you can use it in a lot of things. (DUDE ZUCCHINI CHOCOLATE CAKE??) But I love using it in stir frys and also making zucchini pizza. MMMMMMMMM. <3

    Also flannels ARE THE WAY TO GO. The only thing is it's like crazy hot over here so I can't really right now...but they are my absolute fall time STAPLE. Love this post!

    1. Yes it's so yummy! Goes good with everything. And that darn whether, always interfering with our fashion choices!


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