Thursday, November 24, 2016


life was good
for there were flowers to be picked
bright and vibrant
just like her eyes
they were to be set on her desk
to remind her
there were still beautiful things
at night
when she couldn't breath
when her mind held her captive
she could look at those flowers
and smile
she would clench
and unclench her fists
panic would rise up her throat
choking her
life was good

life was good
for there were twinkly lights
to be put up
walls to cover
with words she'd stringed together
and images
painted straight from her soul
when her vision blurred
with tears she could not control
she looked up to see her creations
the feelings that were pasted there
and was comforted
they were wet with tears
and scars were hidden in their pages
life was good

life was good
for there were adventures to be taken
mountains to climb
with hair blowing in the wind
she had road trips to leave for
maps to be looked over
detours to be taken
when she felt alone
tapped in a box unable to move
she thought of the smell of fresh air
and the feel of new ground
under her feet
wrapped into a ball
loneliness holding her tight
she stared into the darkness
life was good

life was good
for there were books to be read
the pages
each having a story
she filled her bookshelves
with friends she held dear
and places that whispered her name
when she no longer wanted to be herself
when her spirit felt crushed
she changed her name
and left her sad world
she became lost
and questioned her purpose
life was good

life was good
for there were sunsets to be watched
hands to be held
and shoulders to lean on
as the sky turned magically
into colors no human could ever recreate
she became an early riser
just to watch the sunrise
when the panic attacks erupted
and breathing seemed impossible
she reminded herself
endings can be beautiful
and new beginnings breathtaking
alone in her bedroom
rocking back and forth
her heart was pounding like a race horse
life was good

life was good
for there was always light to be found
in the darkness
and arms to hold her
when she fell
even when she felt alone
her heart hopeless
she was never alone
when she felt unworthy of love
her creator told her otherwise
this world failed her
and every day she was reminded of her imperfections
life was good
because god was good
and that was enough

Happy Thanksgiving// Whether you're American or not, happy Thanksgiving to all my beautiful followers, I'm so thankful for all your support and sweet comments, you guys are the reason I still blog and I can't thank you enough.

So I've been thinking about thankfulness for awhile and discussing it with others. Let's be honest here, it's really hard to be thankful sometimes! Life isn't easy, and often times we only dwell on the bad things. Whether it's your hair not being how you like it, trouble at school, struggling with anxiety, or a death you're grieving, there are so many things that stop us from being thankful. I get it! I've been there too and I'm constantly struggling with it, but guys, God calls us to be thankful in everything, not just when life is going good. We forget that, because it's hard and seems impossible. Why would God call us to do such a thing when we can't possibly accomplish it?  So I wanted to write about that. How even when it doesn't seem like there's things to be thankful for, there is! We have been given so much. Best of all, God is so very good and is always there for us. So no matter what you're going through this Thanksgiving, remember that! You're never alone. God is constant, and in the good and bad, we are to praise Him and give Him thanks, but He too will be there for us, comforting us and giving us the strength we need to go on.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, whether it's spent with family, friends, or just you and a piece of pie. Remind yourself to be thankful not just today, but every day, and that God is good in everything.

I love you all,


“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” 
1 Thessalonians 5:16–18


  1. I love what you have written the poem and the small blurb about thankfulness. Your blog always brightens my day!

  2. LOVE <3
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I love every single one of your posts...basically, I love your blog and you. GIRL KEEP IT UP OKAY?!?!?! <333

  4. 'Life was good because God was good and that was enough' - Love this :)

  5. and if not, God is still good. learning that over and over, girlie. He is so good and I pray that His joy just fills this little heart that I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude. happy thanksgiving, Elizabeth. hope it was blessed abundantly with Christ. x

    1. Thanks Cally <3 Praying for you, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving

  6. WOW.
    Amazing poem, and I love what you wrote below it about being thankful!

  7. okay but your poem was beautiful though

    1. YOU GUYS ARE WAY TOO NICE!! Thanks :)

  8. This is so, so beautiful, Elizabeth, wow. You rock my world.

  9. This is beautiful, for you found beauty where the world might only find darkness. You are shining the light of Christ in a lovely way, Elizabeth, so keep your eyes on Jesus! Great post!

  10. This is so beautiful! I love it! We don't do Thanksgiving in Australian obviously hhaha, but it's still an excellent reminder to be thankful and I love that. <3 Being thankful doesn't always come naturally so it's really good to just stop and think about doing it more. :')

    1. Aw thanks Cait, I'm glad you liked it :) It's always good to remind yourself about thankfulness all year, i totally agree!


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