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Chats Over Coffee #1 // Surviving High School

Hello beautiful people!

Isn't my title so creative and original? It came to me in a dream! Okay so not really, but guys I'm not a creative person so if you have a better title, leave me a comment down below. Anyways, I've just adored writing on this blog and having conversations with other bloggers, so I wanted to start a little series where I can chat about different topics with you guys and share my experiences while still being authentic. But that means you have to chat with me too, so don't leave me hanging here okay? Okay,

So this is my senior year in high school/freshmen year in college and it's so weird. For a little recap, my state has a program where high school students can take free college classes that work for both high school and college credits, and you can get an AA degree through it, so it's pretty awesome and not something I wanted to pass up. But even though I'm not going to high school this year, I still definitely feel like I'm in high school and I can't believe it's going to be over soon. It's been funny to reflect on the past four years and think back to when I was almost sure I wouldn't get through it. But guys, I am surviving high school, and you know what? It's not as hard as I thought it was going to be.

i. learn to laugh at yourself

Back in 9th grade, basically anything humiliated me. In Spanish I, I was constantly messing up the pronunciation and every time we had to talk in class, I felt like dying. I just knew everyone was like, "Wow, Elizabeth is so stupid, I can't believe she is in this class." I felt like this for a month or two, until I realized that everyone else also struggled in different areas and I wasn't alone. I learned to laugh at my mistakes and the class stopped being something I was afraid of, and I ended up learning so much! So guys, laughing at yourself is so important. It helps you cope first off, and shows others that you're a boss and don't need to be perfect. But actually, am I the only one who just fails at learning other languages? Because oh my gosh am I bad.

ii. an "f" doesn't mean you're a failure. 

The very first exam I ever took in Biology, I got an F. Never in my life had I gotten an F and I was so devastated. How was I going to pass Biology? How was I going to get into college? Basically, my life was ruined. But do you know what? I corrected my test, did extra credit, and studied harder and I ended up getting an A in that class. So just because you get an F in something, that doesn't mean you're a failure and you can't come back from it. Don't let test scores and essay grades define your intelligence, because that's just simply not an accurate comparison. Work hard, do your best, and try try again.

iii. drama is inevitable 

I'm home schooled/private schooled, but I still ran into drama. It's unavoidable. Whether it's revolved around you, your friends, the person you like, it's going to come into your life and you have the option to get involved or to back out. Now, I'm chosen both options and more often than not, it's a mistake to get involved into drama. Of course, other times you get sucked into it without a choice. Honestly though, people say things just to get reactions and attention from others, so don't give them the satisfaction of getting on board. Just let how you live your life show your character, and the people who matter will realize what's true and what isn't.

iv. be respectable to those in charge

Every time someone complains about a teacher not liking them and how terrible they are, more often than not do I find that the student is actually super disrespectful and distracting to others. This upsets me so much because your teachers and leaders work so hard to help you learn. They spends hours every day just to benefit you and your life, the least we as students can do is treat them with respect and gratitude. You will get so much further when you learn to respect authority and be thankful for the work they put into your life. And you know what? It's okay to be nice to your teachers, say thank you, and have conversations with them. That doesn't make you a "teacher's pet." Don't stop being nice and respectful because your peers are teasing you for it.

v. focus on the lord instead of emotions

This is the most important thing to remember when attempting to survive high school, and really the rest of your life. I'm a very emotion driven person, and a lot of times I'll get on these spiritual highs, where I'm like, "Oh yeah this Christian thing is so great, I just love God and everyone else so much." And when that wares off, I start getting unfocused and I fall into this trap of searching for that high again. But our relationship with God shouldn't be based on spiritual highs, because then when it leaves us, we often fall into into this pit. We go from high to low, from light to dark, and get sorta lost. This is been something I've been struggling with for since I can remember, and I keep having to remember to keep the Lord the center of my focus, and not on how things make me feel. Being a Christian isn't easy, and it says that in the bible. It's a choice we constantly have to make, to live for Him and obey his commandments, whether we love it or not. Remember that while in high school and as you move onto the rest of your life. Remember the bigger picture, and realize when you're focusing on the world or what makes you feel good instead of our Lord and His word. It's okay to feel really great about your relationship with Him, that's awesome, but if you hit a road block, don't let that bring you down. Praise Him through all stages and periods of life.

I know I'm not the only senior on this scary road to graduation and university, how are you all feeling? What tips do you have for surviving high school and what experiences caused you to learn? Leave a comment down below and don't forget to click that "notify me" button so we can continue the conversation.

Have a lovely week!




  2. OOOO! Your title is super creative! I saw it and thought..."HEY that's chill lets chat!"
    HAHA I just went to your about page to check where else they did the college and high school program! They do that in Oregon too! However I didn't enter the program. I recently learned about the f doesn't mean you'll fail thing. It was a hard lesson but I got it. AND at the same time I didn't get it. To be explained on the blog in depth later.
    I enjoyed this post my friend! (;

    1. Hahaha yay!! <3
      Oh that's cool! Yeah I think we're like the only two states that do that?
      And yeah it's such an important lesson to learn, even if it takes awhile.
      Thanks! :)

  3. AHHH yes. 1000% agree with these. *Especially* the part about not letting grades define you and being able to laugh at yourself. Both of those lessons I learned my junior/senior years of high school. I failed my first test in AB calculus my junior year, and failed my first ANYTHING in English also my junior year. Though I was apathetic towards calculus (I didn't want to be in that class anyways), my English grade really kicked my butt into gear, and made me honestly work for my grade. It also taught me to focus on what I was learning and not just the letter I was receiving. Senior year, though, is when I really started to let stuff go. I wore a long dress to homecoming, a bright yellow one to prom, I took everyone's "opinions" of me and my life with LOTS of grains of salt, and I made fun of myself regularly-- through improv comedy and showing up to my choir class after doing a literature project that included drawing a full beard on my face with waterproof eyeliner (it didn't come off in time for choir class... XD). So, there's that. Honestly, best tips I have would be 1. be yourself (if people don't like it, who cares, cuz the minute you're done with high school and you're thrust into a complete ocean of diverse people who get to know you from the beginning is worth waaaaaaaaay more than people's petty judgements. 2. make time for yourself! physically and mentally!! 3. Laugh and pray every day. seriously.

    Keep on powering through, I know you've got this (:


    1. School is such a struggle and it can really bum you out if you feel like you MUST get As or else. I'm so thankful you shared your story with me, that's exactly what I mean. Wear that bright yellow dress and beard with pride ;)
      I totally agree with being yourself. I worry about things way too often, but more often than not, a week later everything is fine. High school is such a small portion of our lives and we shouldn't let it control how we act.
      and yes yes make time for yourself, but also don't be like me and lock yourself in your house and ignore people for weeks, because then you start loosing friends xD
      Pray and laugh every day, I need that on my wall <3

  4. I'm not in highschool anymore, but I remember it being a very stressful, sometimes not very fun time. You have some good advice here. To be honest, number one still is a problem with me. It comes down to being self-conscious, and how on earth do you stop being self-conscious??? In the past years I've gotten a lot better, but when I was in highschool I was soooooo painfully self-conscious. Scratch that, if people could see inside my brain right now, they'd probably still wonder how I could be any more self-conscious than I am now. :P I guess it really helps if you go down the rabbit hole and find the heart of the issue which, I think, is selfishness and pride...

    I love what you say about separating yourself/identity from your work. It really is so true. I've always loved the quote, "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid."

    I try to keep reminding myself that as long as God is first and foremost in your life, your life won't be wasted, and it won't be a failure. Other people might see it as that, but what they think doesn't matter. If you are a Christian, you live your life with the audience of One. If all else falls apart or just isn't working, and you've invested yourself whole-heartedly into a relationship with Jesus, then nothing is wasted. Lots of times I see people around my age complaining about how college is going or life in general and how they keep getting hit with problem after problem. Sure, there are lots of things they can't control, but they aren't even doing the one thing they can do - pursue God with all their heart and soul.

    Anyways, excellent post! :)

    1. I totally understand, I still am super self conscious as well, but I've slowly been learning to accept myself and take things lightly. I get so easily stressed, honestly I laugh at myself out of stress way more than out of confidence. It's okay to be self conscious, but you're right, when it comes down to it, it's because of pride. We hate making fools of ourselves and thinking that others might not like things about ourselves. It's hard to let that go! So you're totally not alone :)

      Yes I love that quote, it is so darn true!

      YES! Oh I love what you said about are life not being a waste if we're living for Christ. That is so so true.

      Thanks for the comment <3

  5. These are totally agreeable tips!! :)


  6. love love love this post <3 this idea IS SO GOOD.


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