Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hey There December

Hello friends,

It's December!! I know, I know, old news. I'm getting this post up late, but it's still kind of crazy. This month, four of my closet friends have birthdays, I'm turning 18 and Christmas!! December truly is a wonderful month, expensive and cold, but wonderful nonetheless. But guys, we only have one more month until this year is over. One more month to make this year count (no pressure or anything). It's kind of freaking me out, time is going by too fast and I need to pause it and get my life together before anything else happens. Anyhow, before I depress you all with my inner thoughts, let's get on to the wrap up.

Currently// Hurriedly writing papers and trying to get through finals week, hanging up Christmas lights and listening to holly jolly music, eating crappy but delicious food and not having any money, constantly cleaning my room and recleaning it, never having enough clean laundry, writing when I should be sleeping, and being tired. all. the. time.

Reading// Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. This is seriously such a wonderful book and I cannot wait to find time to sit down and consume it for hours. For now, I have to settle for reading it in my snippets of free time. Also, currently listening to The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater on audio. I loved the first three books and I really want to finish the finale, but I haven't had a lot of opportunities to sit down and listen to it.

Enjoying// Mikailah's post, Summer Girl // Poetry. Jacyrayn's post, Break Through. Adelaide's post, Waiting. Julia's post, Apart. Vanessa's post, Don't Just Watch {A Poem} And Eve's post, Ghosts.

Listening// So I've really been enjoying listening to the 2011 Jane Eyre soundtrack. Guys, it's so good and perfect for studying/reading/writing. I've also been really liking the Sweeney Todd soundtrack with Johnny Depp. It's such an odd, but fascinating story and the music is quite intense. And then of course, Christmas music has been playing practically daily, because once November 1st hits, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

Loving// Chocolate milk and McDonald's hash browns, because there is no better match. Lip syncing to musicals and wishing I had their talents. Doing well in my college classes and feeling a tad smarter than I did during the beginning of the quarter. Chicken bakes from Costco. Sitting by the fire with coffee and petting Murphy. My new black skinny jeans from American Eagle. And seeing everyone's updates on Twitter, they make my day that much better.

Disliking// Finals week and writing papers when you have no motivation. An unnamed person spilling chocolate milk all over my bed. Trying to interact with mechanics when you have no idea how cars work and what's happening. Early mornings, being late, and stepping in a deep puddle of muck. People telling me it's too early for Christmas celebrations. When its packaging says cream filling and it's actually gross powdery stuff.

Blogging// October Photo Dump, where I talk about random October happenings and share some photos. Art Journal Update #1, where I show you all a peak of my art journal and poetry. my air force man, where I write to my brother the words I couldn't say beforehand. Recommended Reads: Classic Literature, where I discuss why you should read classic literature and give you some suggestions. enough, where I write about being thankful in even the darkest moments. Things to Do on a Rainy Day, where I give you 10 awesome, somewhat productive things to do on a rainy day.

Upcoming// Christmas break!! Which means more blogging and catching up. My 18th birthday, coming soon on December 9th. Please send help, because it means I'm adult and I just want to sleep and eat potatoes.

Hoping// To write a lot more and possibly work on a project I've been wanting to act on for awhile. *evil smile* To really focus more on Jesus and reconnect with friends and family. To read books that are actually on my shelf, and stop buying new ones. To maybe work on redesigning parts of my blog. What do you guys think, yes? No? Does anyone have experience or suggestions they might want to give me, because I have really no talent when it comes to designing. I would so appreciate any help!

How was your November? Should I update my blog design? Are you getting pumped for Christmas? Let's chat down below!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend,



  1. Ah! Good luck with finals! I don't really miss those days XD. But at least afterwards you get to enjoy your birthday! I definitely feel you on the reading books on yr shelf thing. I LOVE to buy new books but my reading habits are scattered at best. As for blog design--you should go for it! I love switching up little things on my blog all the time! I would say go on Pinterest or Etsy and search 'blogger template' or 'blog design' and get some ideas for lil' things you can change. If you need help, I'm pretty good at CSS & HTML!!! Anyway, just found your blog and it's nice. Bye!

    / Maria

    1. Thanks, much appreciated :)
      And same, I buy new books way too often, but it's so fun.
      And thank you so much for the offer, I might take you up on that.

  2. I love this November wrap up :-)
    I should definitely read Jane Eyre. I started a while ago (one and half years ago), and even though I really liked it, for whatever reason, I never finished it.

    1. Thanks! <3
      And you totally should, I really love it so far :)

  3. YOU'RE READING JANE EYRE??? Literally my absolute favorite book of all time. I'm so happy.

    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!! That's so exciting oh my goodness.

    1. YES, I have a feeling it might become mine too :)
      AWW thanks so much!

  4. oh, goodness. it is always so sweet to read these posts from you and hear an update on your life. *grins* chocolate milk and hash browns sounds amazingly wonderful right now.

    november was full of adventures, laughing my guts out, seeing best friends, and almost dying of exhaustion. i absolutely adored it. december has hit and things have definitely slowed down for me.

    as for your blog design, if you want to snazzy it up, go for it! this design is familiar to me as my own face, but change is good. so i'm content with whatever you do. :)

    AND CHRISTMAS. i am so stinking excited that i cannot conTAIN IT. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAA. oh my goodness. it is such a precious time and my heart glows when i see all the Christmas lights and the snow and the hot cocoa and everything. squeeeeee. x

    1. Aww thanks <3 and right? they always sound good though, honestly.
      Your November sounds wonderful <3
      Ahh okay, I'll maybe go for it ;) I'm gonna have to experiment with it.
      And right??? I can't wait to be on break and fully enjoy it!! <3

    2. OH AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH. I pray that it is so joyful and that you rest in the peace that Christ will be with you wherever you go. The future can be worrisome, but just trust in Him. Joshua 1:9. LOVES. X

  5. I really like how you did this wrap up post! :)

    Sounds like you had a great November, and hope your December is amazing as well!

  6. I've read 'Jane Eyre' before, but I can't for the life of me remember what I thought...

    I say go for it, if you feel like you want to try a new design on your blog. Sometimes changing things up a little makes you feel more enthusiastic about it, if enthusiasm is what you need.

    The weather has been super moderate here which makes it a little difficult for me to feel Christmasy yet. Last year I was in Hawaii at about this time, and it hurt so much going into restaurants and stores and hearing Christmas music when it was in the 70s and sunny outside. I must, must have snow.

    Happy early Birthday! And don't worry about getting your life together. I don't think anyone anywhere has their lives together.

    1. Oh you should reread it!

      It's not that I need enthusiasm to blog, I just kind of what something different, but I'm also too scared to change it at the same time. Haha! Go me.

      Oh yeah, I hate that! We haven't had snow in ages here, I miss it :(

      And thank you!! I shall keep that in mind ;)

  7. I love Jane Eyre! Its amazing! Also, I hope you have an amazing birthday! x

    - Caitlin

  8. YOUR 18TH BIRTHDAY IS COMING!!! yahooooo!! *sings happy birthday song* Anything special planned??? xD

    AND YOU LINKED ME AGAIN - aaggggaaaaiiinnnn. *hugs you*

    1. Not really, I'm super uncreative :P hahaha

      Awwwww *squeals and hugs you back* Of course I did ;)

  9. "It's kind of freaking me out, time is going by too fast and I need to pause it and get my life together before anything else happens." <<< YOU ARE INSIDE MY HEAD RN. :') Literally my thoughts have been so much the same lately. TIME IS ASDFGHJKL CRAZY. OMG AND YESSSS THE JANE EYRE 2011 SOUNDTRACK YAAAAAS. <3 Dario Marianelli is a wizard I tell you. :'''') HIS MUSIC IS JUST PERFECTION. And I'll probably forget your birthday in two days (because lol my memory does not serve me ever waahh) SO HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! <3 *gives you waffles and tosses confetti* I HOPE 18 IS AWESOME FOR YOU. :)


  10. My birthday is in December! I always love hearing about other December babies he he... :)

    As for chocolate milk and hash browns, I'm craving that right now!



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