Monday, May 15, 2017

Travel Diary: Multnomah Falls and Beacon Rock

Hello friends,

On our way home from Portland (see travel diary here), my mom and I stopped at Multnomah Falls and Beacon Rock to explore and take some cool photos. We thought that after all the Thai food, hashbrowns, and doughnuts we ate that we better get a couple hikes in to balance it all out. I'm glad we made that decision, because we saw some really beautiful sights and got a couple awesome pictures. Plus Beacon Rock was a workout, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the balancing out thing really worked. ;)

Multnomah Falls is a really popular place and I've seen so many pictures of it on my instagram feed, but I haven't gotten the opportunity to see it in person until this trip. It was really beautiful! Sadly, it was kind of cold and pretty busy, but we were able to get a few good pictures, and afterwards picked up some coffee from their overpriced but amazing coffee stand. I also got one of those collection pennies, which always makes me happy. I've been collecting those pennies for years now and I never fail to buy one if I see a machine.

Beacon Rock was so beautiful! Granted, it was very steep and took the breath out of me (it was...breathtaking. hah hah hah), but the views were amazing and the trail itself was really cool. I'm kind of afraid of heights, so for portions of the trail I was sort of shaking, but for the most part it felt pretty safe and it was just really cool to observe how it had been constructed. My mom and I took a lot of breaks on the trek up, which led to a lot more pictures and another selfie. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad my mom and I took the opportunity to hike it.

What kind of trips and cool adventures have you been on lately? Are there any interesting landmarks or secret hiking trails around where you live? Impromptu adventures are often the best kind, so leave me a comment down below about yours!

Have a wonderful week,



  1. OHHHHHH this is soooo cool! My family visited Multnomah Falls last summer on family vacation! Oregon is so beautiful! And I love the new design and that profile pic is goooooaaalllzzzz! <3

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWW THIS IS SO CUTE i love the selfie with your mom sooo much and woah so much prettiness can I go to this place plz

  3. This place looks so lovely and beautiful!

  4. These are beautiful photographs! It seems like such a beautiful place to visit!

  5. WOW, so beautiful! Of course the balancing out thing totally worked ;)


  6. This place looks stunning! Hiking is one of my greatest pleasures, being alone with myself and nature feels like a privilege to me.

    ~ noor

  7. Ahhhh this place looks so beautiful! <3 these photos! Sounds so fun :)


  8. Those photos are A M A Z I N G. Wish I could have joined you- I love hikes, adventures and new places.

    I must say this before I go: your blog is absolutely brilliant.


  9. Beautiful pictures! You remind me of Abigail Breslin :)

    Laura @


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