Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Five Ways to Have the Ultimate Family Night

Hello friends,

How are you all doing on this lovely Wednesday? Today I'm here to bring you the ultimate list of how to have an awesome family night without spending all your dough. Now I've been very fortune to grow up in a wonderful home with a family that supports me, and it's really important for me to spend time with them. But sometimes, it's hard to come up with something new to do. If you have that issue too, don't fear because Liz is here! I have a decent amount of experience so hopefully I can help a friend out.

1. explore the outdoors// Okay so if you don't already take advantage of this beautiful world God has created, then grab your family and start doing so! Living in the PNW, I am surrounded by beautiful scenery and easily accessible hikes, but I know a whole lot of other places are too. So find an interesting hike or park you and your family are interested in exploring, grab the camera, and go find a new favorite spot. Trust me, you'll be so glad you did.

2. have a movie night// This awesome idea is just a classic, and it never fails to be a lot of fun. Make a run to the supermarket, or just your pantry, grab you classic movie snacks, and pick out a movie the entire family will (hopefully) all enjoy. Personally, my family and I take forever to pick a perfect movie, but we normally find something for everyone. And don't forget about movie dialogue, unless your family forbids talking while watching a movie, in that case we really can't be friends.

So recently was brought to my attention and I was asked if I'd like to make my readers aware of their free trial. If you don't know about Pureflix, it's kind of like Netflix, but provides family friendly movies about love, faith, and friendship. It's an awesome resource for families, so if you'd like to check out their free trial, click here for more information. (Seriously go check it out because it's awesome).

The Prince of Egypt. An animated classic and a childhood favorite, you cannot go wrong with this awesome movie and its amazing soundtrack. But warning: the movie will leave you with "Through Heaven's Eyes" stuck in your head for days.
October Baby. Now a completely different feel from the Prince of Egypt, this movie is an emotional heart breaker. Honestly I have cried so many times while watching this movie. The story itself is so raw, but really important. Definitely recommend. 
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Another childhood classic, you can't not enjoy this beautiful tale. Fans of the book will definitely love this movie, and it's done wonderfully. The acting is amazing and the film itself is so beautiful. It's hard to believe someone hasn't seen this movie, but if you haven't, go now and do yourself a favor. 
I'm Not Ashamed. Another heavy story, it's about Rachel Joy Scott, the first student to be killed in the shooting at Columbine High School. The movie focuses on her life and events that lead up to her death, but also share the inspiring message of remembering to put our trust in God and sharing kindness to those around us.
The Secret Life of Pets. A super funny imagination of what a pet's life might be like when the owner isn't around. Totally worth the watch, even if your entire family "claims" to be too old for animated movies.

3. play backyard sports// If you have a big enough family, go outside and get some exercise. My brother's and I especially love starting a game of baseball or football in our yard. But any sport will do! The nice thing about just chilling with you family, is that it doesn't have to get too formal, you don't even have to have a super large yard, just some energy and maybe some sports equipment.

4. pull out the board games// Now this is a risky choice, because if you pick the wrong board game (cough cough, monopoly), you might be there for awhile. But there are a lot of fun board games and card games that don't take years to finish, but can still create a fun atmosphere for you and your family.

Life. This game is a lot of fun, as it's really interactive and entertaining, without taking hours to finish the game. You start off the game fresh out of high school, and through a series of events you must chose, or land on, you end the game with retirement. Basically, whoever wins with the most assets, wins. Is it the best representation of life? No, but it's still a ton of fun. 
Clue. The classic, whose done it? This is great for the competitive family, because you get to suspect each other and figure out clues. Basically, you're trying to figure out the murderer and the weapon of choice before anyone else.
Apples to Apples. Now if you have a larger family, this game is perfect for you! Bound to create lots of laughter and "friendly" debate, this will for sure entertain you for quite a bit. Plus, if you get sick of playing Apples to Apples the traditional way, the directions includes all sorts of ways to mix it up so you're really playing a game with multiple possibilities. 

5. try a new recipe// If your family is anything like mine, you probably have a cupboard dedicated to unused cookbooks just waiting for flour to be spilt on them. Plan an evening with your family to sort through those books and find a recipe you want to experiment with! Not only is it fun, but it's practical and might cause you to find a new favorite meal.

What kind of activities do you enjoy doing with your family? Did I leave anything obvious out? As always, leave me a comment down below and talk about what your ultimate family night is. I'd have to say mine is anything that means ice cream is involved, let's be real.

Have a wonderful week,



  1. This is so much fun! I've got to agree- anything with ice cream is a good night:)

  2. YES I approve of this all. *nods* Especially board games- my family is HARDCORE into board games haha. Have you ever played Quelf?? It's one of my favorites to play with my brothers and it's literally HYSTERICAL. XD

    Also yes to talking in movies. Just yes. I feel this. xD My family doesn't typically approve of talking in movies but if it were up to me I would be making random observations through THE WHOLE MOVIE. (my brothers are the same way lol)

  3. Ooh! I love this post. So many good ideas. I would love to do #1 more often, but unfortunately some in my family don't like exploring the outdoors to the extent that I do.

    Also, the movie recommendations = <3 I gotta say the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe wins every time for me.

  4. Fun ideas!! I've never heard of PureFlix, but it sounds great. My family loves to play board games, go to our neighborhood pool, and watch the Travel and History channels.


  5. Totally loved this post. Those are all such good ideas, I especially love the first one. Also *squeals* thank you for telling me about Pureflix!! So gonna spend some time there.

    Thank you for all the amazing tips. I definitely want to bring them into my life whenever I spend time with my family.


  6. This a GREAT post <3 I loved reading it! My family loves just grilling outside and hanging out, watching movies (but we always need recommendations haha), and playing games (like Mexican Train). :D anywho, great post!


  7. Yes, I love family nights!!! Thanks for all of the ideas!!!


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