Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hey There May

Hello friends,

How are you on this beautiful May day? Currently it's about 60 degrees and sunny here in lovely Washington. Yes I complain about the weather here a lot, but at the end of the day, I do love where I live and how green and clear spring days can be. But enough with the weather, April has been a crazy month and it's time to talk about it. And yes, I come to you with another monthly wrap up post a week late, it's just a pattern I'm sticking to apparently. I feel like every post ever on my blog this year has been talking about how busy I am, but guys it's just that it's senior year and I really am SO busy. It feels so good to be writing again, though, I'm glad to be back.

Currently// Job searching because I need to afford college, preparing to graduate from high school, collecting a giant sweet n sour stash, reading more PNW literature than I ever imagined, listening to Jim Dale's Harry Potter audio books, celebrating my puppy's first birthday, writing excessively for school and then writing some more, and preparing for college because GUYS I GOT ACCEPTED INTO MY DREAM SCHOOL. *shoots off all the confetti*

Reading// The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight In Heaven by Sherman Alexie. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical when going into this short story collection. First off, I had no idea what it was about, but mostly I just don't really enjoy short stories. I'm reading this for my lit class, and I've ended up really enjoying it. All our discussions are fantastic and Alexie's stories have so much to unpack. I'm also reading Dizzy In Your Eyes: Poems About Love by Pat Mora. I just recently read a poetry collection and was super unsatisfied with it, but this collection I'm enjoying quite a bit more.

Listening// Thanks to Miss Elissa, I've now been obsessed with listening to the Broadway soundtrack of the Little Mermaid because wow, it's so amazing. Elissa was involved in a local theater program that was redoing the show, so after watching the performance I just become obsessed with the music and characters. Definitely worth taking a listen.

Enjoying// Sophia's post, Lonely Friday Braids (because the pictures but also everything she says is just like yup, i get it). Clara's post, I Never Really Knew If You Were My Lighthouse or My Storm (because so much emotion and beauty). Lindsey's post, 4.28.17 (because i can so relate and yes he is so so good). Sami's post, Fireproof (because she's an amazing writer and the imagery is just so perfect). And Julia's post, The Crutch (because wow i love her and she's always challenging me).

Loving// The beautiful days Washington has been getting, drinking iced lattes, learning new skills, belting out to awesome musicals in the car, Tuesday morning breakfasts with my grandpa, kind strangers, awesome finds from the thrifstore, a dress that makes me feel like Tinker Bell, and evenings full of laughter, friends, breadsticks, and dancing.

Disliking// Awkward interview happenings, being a klutz and spilling water on my desk three times in one week, having another cold and having to sniffle 1000 times while in class, having a super awesome person live all the way across the country from me, and giving up one great thing in exchange for another.

Blogging// Hey There April, where I talk about my March happenings and April goals, and Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon, where I discuss how my trip to Portland went and share some pictures.

Hoping// To find a job with enough hours, spend less money on food, do well on my upcoming midterms, procrastinate less and have more time to sleep, figure out college registration, deep clean my room, and find more time to read outside of school assignments.

How was your April? Any exciting news to share? I'd love to hear it! Guys I'm so excited to be accepted into my dream school, but preparing to leave has been so crazy, so I apologize for being so absent recently. Hopefully all is going well in the blogging world and I'll be jumping back in soon.

Have a wonderful weekend,




  2. Things sound like they are going well for you! The weather is clearing up, and I am so happy about that too! The sunny days make me so happy. LOL I have broken two cups and my mothers coffee maker in the past few days... Miss ya!

  3. "Have more time to sleep" - I think we're all searching for that :P

    Congratulations on being accepted into your dream school!

  4. Congratulations on being accepted into your dream school!!!!

  5. AAAHH CONGRATS ON GETTING ACCEPTED!! And good luck with the job search, I'm sure you'll find something great :D

    ~ noor

  6. Yeesssss CONGRATS on being accepted into your dream school! Definitely a dream come true! I feel you with the job searching-- Especially cuz sometimes it doesn't always turn out as expected... aheheheheh.... BUT anyways- April was so packed for me! Full of assignments and finals- I definitely broke a lot of things in April [including my sanity lol] so it's fine (: We're just all struggling together, it looks like. Hope you enjoy the gorgeous weather and can't wait to catch up on all that is here-- I love the new layout! *hearteyes* [when did that happen :o I guess I've been MIA from catching up in too long!!] Keep up the lovely endeavors and writing! <3

  7. Your blog is super cute! :)
    I hope you have a great May!


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