Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Fall Playlist

Hello beautiful people,

So I'm not one to make playlists for each season, but I haven't been feeling the fall vibes lately, so I decided it was time to create a fall playlist. Honestly, it's been a lot of fun! I really love all the music I've found and it is certainly helping me get in the fall mood. I love music, especially when doing homework or driving, so this playlist has come in handy. I decided to share it with you all because it's always nice to find new music, at least, I think so. ;) So without further ado, let's begin with the list.

Evening Sun
Jon Bryant, What Takes You. 

Who Are We Fooling? [feat. Aqualung]
Brooke Fraser, Flags.

Seafret, Tell Me It's Real.

Something Beautiful
Andrea Marie, Here Begin.

Never Be Alone
Shawn Mendes, Never Be Alone.

River of Tears
Alessia Cara, Know-It-All.

Strahan, Posters.

Walk the Moon, Walk the Moon.

Against the Current
Mree, Grow.

The Escape
Friendly Savages, O, Joshua!

Meadowlark, Dual.

Dear True Love
Sleeping At Last, Yearbook.

Tim McMorris, I'd Choose You Again.

North Caroline
Little Chief, Lion's Den.

Cold Arms
Mumford & Sons, Wilder Mind.

The Village, The Wolf, and The Boy
Taylor Berrett, Great Falls.

Alex's Song
Grayson  Kessenich, Where Your Heart is. 

More in Love With You [feat. Nelly Joy]
Jason Reeves, Songs are Silent Films. 

Get updated when I add new songs by following my Spotify playlist. 

And there you have it, a bunch of new songs to listen to this fall. What about you? Any favorite songs/playlists you enjoy this time of year? Leave me a comment down below and let me know.

With love,



  1. OH MY GOODNESS. i cannot wait to sit myself down and have a listen to all of these new tunes (spotted a couple i know so i'm excited).
    lately Tossing Copper has been the band singing through my earbuds. i particularly really like the song Silhouettes & Sand by him. (actually i like ALL of them, but i don't think it's acceptable to just name off all the songs he ever wrote. ;) xx

  2. Love this playlist. Listen to rainbow by Luis ... Somthing it's a beautiful song. Thanks for the music I'll take a look at it

  3. OMGOSH girl, your SOOO BEAUTIFUL!
    I just found your blog, and I'm in love with everything about it! Love this playlist too! <3<3

  4. all I can say is I LOVE THAT PHOTO OF YOU

  5. Oh! I love 'Wildfire' by Seafret, and I could listen to Sleeping at Last any day :)
    My two very best Fall songs are 'The Fall Song' by Joy Ike and 'October Winds' by Bill Staines. They are both full, full of Autumn feelings.

  6. I cannot wait to listen to ALLLL of these songs!!!

    Also that photo of you is literally the cutest thing in the world, oh my goodness <3

  7. Oh I love seeing other people's playlists! *starts looking up all the songs* I do like Shawn Mendes! I loove Stitches and Something Big. :D


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