Monday, June 5, 2017

Hey There June

Hello friends,

As always, I come to you with another wrap up post days later from when June actually started, but hey life is busy and who has time to be on time for everything? Certainly not me. May was a very busy month, but full of a lot of exciting news and June will be even more busy and full of wonderful events, so I'm excited to share with you all what's been happening. Hopefully in a week or two I'll be having some more in-depth posts on my life, but for now, this brief little update will have to do.

Currently// Gathering all the customer nightmare stories at my new job, graduating high school and realizing people know me really well (all my gifts were coffee related-YUM), preparing for my brother's wedding this Sunday, enjoying the sunshine Washington has been blessed with, writing like crazy for all my college classes because finals, trying to post on my Instagram more, and realizing my little brother's 16th birthday is in a week and I've got nothing for him (yet). 

Reading// The Good Rain by Timothy Egan because in my lit class we're studying creative nonfiction written about the Pacific Northwest, and honestly, it's not half bad! Also, Anne of Windy Poplars by L.M. Montgomery. There really is nothing more whimsical than being back in the lovely world of Anne. And Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson, which is a super cute summer contemporary that I'm very surprised hasn't disappointed me yet. So far so good.

Listening// To my summer playlist on Spotify, which is currently still a work in progress, but be my guest if you'd like to check it out. My little brother keeps making fun of me, saying each song is basically all the same, but I'm enjoying it so that's all that matters, right? :P He'll just have to put in his own headphones when I play it in the car.

Enjoying// Amanda's post, Enough: my battle with the hustle, the stress, and the busy, and how I found rest (because i think we can all relate and find the beauty in the busy). Julia's post, Glimpse Into Humanity // A Poem From Things I've Seen + Pretty Shadows (because wow have you read her writing because it hurts in every good way possible). Cally's post, core to my lips (because ouch it's like i'm there and feeling all the feelings). And Raquel's post, When You Don't Feel Like Loving God (because so much truth in this).

Loving// The warm weather that has finally arrived in Western Washington, the fast that school is almost done, receiving a mini french press for graduation, picking wildflowers while walking in the forest, afternoon badminton games with my lil bro, my big brother returning from the Air Force tomorrow, car rides with the windows down, Taco Bell's dollar menu, and quiet Saturday mornings reserved for reading and sipping coffee.

Disliking// Being the newbie at work and figuring out life, having a receipt thrown in my face, road work that disappears for a week then surprises you again and makes you late for everything, leaving for class when my dog is still asleep, the fact that coffee costs so much money, swimsuit shopping, and the tragedy of flies getting in your room and not being able to catch them.

Blogging// Hey There May, where I talk about what happened in April and my hopes for May; Travel Diary: Multnomah Falls and Beacon Rock, where I invite you to explore two beautiful places with me; and Five Ways to Have the Ultimate Family Night, where I share all the ingredients for having the perfect family night without spending too much money.

Hoping// To pick up all the things I need for the wedding, finish the rest of my home subjects, figure out work without too much confusion, finish my college classes with a bang, learn how to make relatively easy and healthy dorm room meals, explore the outdoors more, be kind even when it's difficult, and grow more in my relationship with the Lord.

How was your May? Any exciting changes happening or coming up? Leave me a comment down below and tell me about your life (please, I'm nosey and want to know).

Have a wonderful week,



  1. It seems like you've been busy!
    A mini french press? That's a great gift :-)

  2. Your life sounds vibrant and real and wonderful. I hope that you have a blast at the wedding. Blessings to your brother and his bride :) Oh, and to your other brother for his birthday.

    Hoping that you accomplish the things you want to and that June is even better than May was. I loved this post and I love your blog. (Just throwing that out there because, you know, honesty is the best policy)

    -T. x

  3. I am a HUGE fan of Morgan Matson books! Have you read anything else by her? And I feel--my brother is turning 12 in a week and I have nothing for him (and no idea what to get??? Like, why are guys so hard to shop for???).


  4. I'm checking out your Spotify playlist right now...and wow this past school year has been a world wind. All I can say after this past semester, is that God's grace is so undeserved during such a time when I walked away from what he wanted me to do.
    This really seems to be the season for weddings, so I hope you have a great time at the wedding!

  5. wowie busy girl. lolz but who am i to say that because i've been nonstop for the past two weeks. WOOO. but here i am, finally getting a rest in. new job = scariness. but God is faithful, Lizzy girl. rest in Him. He who gives peace. amen. also: congrats to your brother, badminton is crazy wonderful, warm weather is a cause for celebration, wild flowers are basically the best. WEEEE. okay. yeah.
    May was a crazy busy month. i can't remember the first half, but i'm pretty sure it was filled with school. then i spent one weekend with a friend, had a day at home to wash laundry & clean up, then i had camp thing for the weekend, and then a blogger friend came over. so squee. that's been my life. *wipes brow* BUT NOW I GET A BREAK. HAHAAAA. *snuggles into blanket* well, for about a week. and then i'm thrown into adventures so i'm way pumped for that.
    yep. that's it. hopefully you wanted to hear all that? laugh laugh. love ya. x

  6. "And the tragedy of flies getting in your room and not being able to catch them" - Gah, that's the worse. I can hardly believe how annoying a single buzz can be...
    Sounds like you're loads of busy. Hope the wedding goes well!

  7. i found your blog today and gosh i feel like we're the exact same person! also, you are so pretty! <3


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