Friday, June 30, 2017

On Change, Being Left Behind, and Finding God's Voice

Hello friends,

As much as my family liked to tell me differently, I always stood firm in the idea that I was NOT a planner. Sure, I liked to know things ahead of time, and I liked to be prepared, but that didn't make me a planner, right? But the more I grow and opportunities arise and life changes, I find myself making these plans. Plans that are big, plans that are important. I felt like I needed to make these plans, because everyone else in my life was moving on, changing, coming into exciting opportunities. People in my life were leaving me behind, and I needed to figure out what my next big step was going to be.

I had plans. They were simple and sure, until one day they just didn't seem so simple.

I think life is too complex, to unpredictable to make these major plans, but I don't think making plans is necessarily bad. But when we, us humans, start making plans on our own without seeking the voice of God, without seeking His divine plan for our lives, then that's when we go wrong, and that's when things get messy.

You see, I'm a very emotion-driven person, which can make me so passionate and excited about things, but can also cause me to make very rash decisions or burn out fast. In the midst of my passion, when I think everything is just right and how it should be, I forget to seek the Lord's plan for my life. It becomes this tangle of my own desires, which seem honorable and wise, and where God is wanting to steer me, which never seems very clear. But maybe it's not suppose to be super clear all the time.

I hate when change is happening around me, and I'm just staying the same. I hate being left behind, and being left to do the same ole same ole. But what if God is calling me to stay? To wait?

What to we do when God is calling us to do something, and we don't want to do it?

I think of Jonah, when God was calling him to speak to Nineveh. Jonah, knowing they were Israel's enemy, was like no way. He disobeyed God instead of trusting Him. Jonah was given direct instruction by God, but ran from Him. In the end though, Jonah was never actually hidden from the Lord, and went on to do what God told him to do. He was so concerned about himself, instead of what God's plan held (which included saving thousands of people from destruction).

My story is different, but yet, very similar. It's easy to think you know what is best for your life, and to be afraid of what the people around you will think, but ultimately, God knows what is best and what will be is what will be. There's no place to hide.

Guys, dealing with change is rough. Being left behind is rough. But in these last couple of weeks, as I've opened my eyes to changing my plans to follow God's plan, I've realized that maybe it isn't so hard. The Lord already has provided me with a good job with steady hours. He's provided me with a new beautiful soul of a friend who speaks wisdom every day and never fails to make me smile. He has given me the opportunity to grow closer with my family and learn to love them even more. He has offered me a way to save money on college while still pursuing my dreams. He has opened up more doors for me to travel and do mission work. Guys, God is so good, is He not?

So maybe you're like me, maybe you plan and make lists, and have your entire life ready for yourself, but maybe God is calling you to do something different. Are you ready to listen to Him?

Have a great weekend,



  1. This is such an encouragement, Elizabeth!! <3

  2. THIS IS SO GOOD. Have you ever taken a personality test? You sound a lot like me so we might have the same personalities. It's scary because I feel like I'm a walking oxymoron. Like you said, I pride myself on "not planning" and yet . . . um . . . I do have a plan. I guess I like believing I don't have a plan. Planning on not having a plan but having a plan just in case nothing goes right. Make sense? Lol. ;)

  3. Amen and amen. This is a hard lesson, because same - I never think of myself as a planner, but I have plans and ideas. And yes to that point about maybe it's best not to always be clear about everything - as a friend of mine said that drives us to have a relationship with God. If He just spoon fed us with clear answers, we'd see Him as some wish-granting-genie rather than our Father and Provider.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts, girl. This was convicting and good to read. I'm glad God's plan has been coming to light for you. He is good. xx

  4. Ohhh yes, this is so good. Thanks for this <3

  5. 'Being left behind' - I can relate to that feeling. It is difficult when your life doesn't seem to going anywhere or at the same pace as everyone else's.

  6. I love your heart Elizabeth.
    I love watching you wait patiently before the Lord.
    I love hearing what he's stirring in you.
    love this, and love you more <3

  7. Thank you so so much for this. I can so relate to the part where you said "In the midst of my passion, when I think everything is just right and how it should be, I forget to seek the Lord's plan for my life". I often have to really stop and think, does God really want this for my life or is this my emotions just making me think that?
    I just followed you from my new blog, so I would so appreciate it if you would stop by and give it a read if you have a moment :)


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