Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hey There January

Hello friends,

It's January!! Like, what? A new year has begun, and although 2016 had a lot of changes, I see a lot more coming my way this year. Still, I walk into 2017 with a happy heart, excited to leave a few things behind and see what this year has for me. With that being said, I had a very nice December. Luckily for me, my last college class was on December 6th, so I had a good month of rest, reading, and being with friends and family. I dearly hope you all experienced at least some rest this holiday season and were able to enjoy yourself. School starts up again in a couple days for me, but I'm kind of looking forward to it! I do love to learn and it keeps me busy.

Anyways, let get onto the wrap up, shall we?

Currently// Indulging in lots stories and buying too many books, listening to musicals nonstop, writing poetry and starting a new blog, annoying Julia with random pictures of my dog and stories about chicken nuggets, getting obsessed with Mr. Kinghtley from Emma because he's adorable, and dancing around in my new Zella leggings because buying them was the best decision I've made all year and it deserves celebrating.

Reading// The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Guys, this book is already so good and I'm only 200 page in. I have a feeling this might become a new favorite. Also, City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. Finally finishing the last book in The Mortal Instruments and already so many people are dying. I've been putting it off for awhile because I'm too scared of all my characters getting harmed.

Enjoying// Autumn's post, 16 Things I learned in 2016. Julia's post, Rocking Around The Christmas Tree // I Did a Lip Sync Video. Jonathan's post, Who Do You Say That I Am. Randy's post, I Picked a Flower (and Left it on the Table). And Elissa's post, Letter to the Hurting.

Listening// Wicked's original cast recording has been on repeat the last couple of days. I've always enjoyed the music when it came on Pandora, but I've never sat down and listened to the entire album until this month. Now I can't put it down. Also listening to Atonement's soundtrack, which is just plain lovely. Perfect background music for reading or writing.

Loving// My cozy new socks and sliding around the wood floor, watching Rouge One with friends and blaring music on the way there, roads trips to the closet Chick-fil-A, spending hours in bookstores just browsing and petting the resident kitties, and drinking tea while reading by the wood stove.

Disliking// Driving in Seattle traffic and not knowing where to go, being blindfolded in a car by Miss Elissa (go yell at her), having so many wonderful books to read but not having time, and my friend telling me she read the first six Harry Potter books and got bored so didn't read the last one.

Blogging// Hey There December, where I wrap up the month of November and share my goals for December. 18 Things I've Learned in 18 Years, where I talk about being 18 and the lessons that have been taught to me throughout the years. Chats Over Coffee #1 // Surviving High School, where I drink coffee and we discuss high school and how to get through it. Searching for Cheer, where I write about the search for Christmas spirit. Walking in a Winter Wonderland, where I share some pictures of my family and I enjoy the fresh falling snow. And SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT // chasing moonlight, where I talk about something pretty exciting and that might have to do with a new blog (go check it out!).

Hoping// To start off well in this quarters' new classes, write more poetry and take pretty pictures, block out more time for reading and stop watching so much Netflix, actually stick to a yoga schedule and possibly eat more salad and less fries, spend more time with the people I care about, and get around to actually redesigning this blog.

How was your December? Were you able to have a restful, joyful holiday season? Leave me a comment down below about your month and what your goals are for January.

Happy New Year,



  1. OKAY HAHAHAHA HELLO. this might be a long comment. just warning.

    +learning. i know. it makes these days go by quicker you purpose? i'm not sure. but it's something that you miss once it's gone. something to do.

    +MR. KNIGHTLY OH MY HEART BE STILL oh oh oh awhuafwaidfafa *falls over*

    +Wicked's cast recording is hysterical oh my gosh. last year, i listened to the entire thing like 6 times while i did school because it helped me focus. that's so funny. WOO.

    +SLIDING AROUND IN SOCKS = SO MUCH YES. i get you. and Rogue One. i watched it with addy and she was crying so hard and i was laughing so hard and it was wild and oh man. and then chick-fil-a WAS ALSO THAT SAME DAY. except it was with my friend and her husband and we played a board game and i was so stinking happy. ooooo. :') also yes to everything else you're loving.

    +oh my gosh. all of your dislikes have me cracking up. HOW IS SEATTLE? i've heard about it. i want to know what's good and what's bad. let me know.

    +december was hard. school ended so close to christmas and i didn't get gifts done on time and ooo, some plans fell through. but God was still good. and i held on to that and didn't let it go. and Christmas turned out to be good and i saw my best friend and i laughed with others and then i spent the last night of 2016 on the phone with addy and we yelled into the night even though we were miles apart. God is crazy good. it was there. you couldn't deny it.

    WOO. SORRY FOR THE LONG COMMENT. there's a bunch of love in my heart today and i just needed to spill it. x

    1. Yessss I love your long comments <3

      Yeah, exactly!!

      SAME YES SAME oh gosh where can I find him???

      Yes it's so good! It's always on while writing papers or cleaning.

      Oh my gosh I love that you love all the things I love (how many times can I say "love" in a sentence???) Eeeep

      SEATTLE!! Actually confession time, I'm not there often nor do I know much about it, but if you ever come to visit, I'll pick you up from the airport and do my best to show you around xD

      I agree, December was so busy, yet in the end, it turned out to be pretty good :)

      NO BEST COMMENT EVER. Thanks <3

  2. Posts like this make me happy! I just adore the format of it. Oh I sound intellectual. YES! Chicken nuggets sound good right now... I really like the hoping category of the post! Sliding around with socks and chicken nuggets that's what sounds great! :P

    1. Aw thanks xD I'm glad!
      Oh my gosh stop now i want more nuggets

  3. Happy New Year! fun wrap up and sounds like you had a great break from school, I pray that 2017 is a great year for you as your start a New Adventure in the New Year!

    1. Thank you, Marrok! Hope you're having a wonderful new year!

  4. Loved this post! Also,
    I agree with the above comments in regard to the socks and chicken nuggets.


    1. I'm so proud of all my followers, chicken nuggets and sliding around on socks are very important things.

  5. EEK MY POST IS UP THERE. *hyperventilates and dies but then revives to finish comment* xP I still have to see Rogue One though, I've just been super busy with Christmas and New Year's and starting school back up. Maybe this week! :D And omw don't tell anyone but I totally slide around on my socks whenever there's a wooden floor also. Shh. XP

    1. YES YES IT IS! Oh phew, I was worried there for a second.
      WUT you must go see it!! It's AMAZING
      oh goody I'm not alone xD Your secret is safe with me!

  6. basically i totally love photos of murphy and the chicken nugget story rocked and you put my video up there?!!? *melts*

    also I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE POEMS and sock slip and side? ohhh yeah (adds to the list of things we will do when we meet)

    1. *sends you all the pictures of Murphy* You might regret saying that
      Yes oh my gosh our meet up with go down in history for the best most amazing meet up ever!!

  7. This is great, Elizabeth! I'm gonna go check out those books cause they sound awesome!

  8. ISN'T WICKED THE BEST???? Oh my gosh. Be still my beating heart. I love it.

    Also your dislikes section had me absolutely cracking up. XD You're the best.

    1. IT IS!!! every song is just so beautiful.
      Awww thanks, i'm glad I made a few people laugh xD

  9. I listened to the Wicked soundtrack a few years back on a whim and really enjoyed it. Now I'm hoping they make a movie out of it since I haven't seen the play anywhere close...

    What did you think of Rogue One? I watched it with my brothers but haven't really heard another female's perspective on it.

    On another note, I read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' (after your recommendation of it)over the holidays. It was a very interesting book. There were definite parts that I loved, but I haven't entirely developed an opinion on it. The only other book I had read about that main issue was 'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry' by Mildred D. Taylor. That book was so sad....

    1. The play was in Seattle last year and I DIDN'T GO!!!! My biggest regret.

      I loved it!! I went with one of my best friends and our little brothers and wow it was so good!! Did you enjoy it?

      Ooooh I'm glad you read it! It does have a lot packed into it.

  10. AW! your December shenanigans sound so hectic yet well-spent. Good luck with alllll your goals. I am currently obsessed with The 1975's sophomore album called I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It (long long name).

    Noor | Noor's Place


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